Recovering the Hero's Sword

The Deku Tree locates the Master Sword, and now your task is to retrieve it.

Quest Location

This quest begins after you complete Trail of the Master Sword.

Locate the Sword

Whenever you have the "Recovering the Hero's Sword" quest active in your Adventure Log, the current location of the Master Sword will be visible on the map. It may be on the surface or in the sky. The quest destination will be blinking if you are looking at the correct layer of the map.

When you have found the sword, you discover that is on the Light Dragon. Do whatever you need to do to land on the dragon, such as using Skyview Towers, unlocking shrines in the sky, and so on. If the dragon is always too far above you, complete The Dragon's Tears first.

Take the Sword

When you have landed on the dragon's head, check on the Master Sword. Then you will need to hold the indicated button to try to draw the sword. In order to successfully take the Master Sword, you need at least 5 stamina upgrades, so that you have one additional ring around the center stamina ring. You can get these by completing 20 shrines and praying to Goddess Statues in towns. If you have spent Lights of Blessing on Heart Containers instead of Stamina Upgrades, and if you have completed at least two Regional Phenomena quests, you can go into the Royal Hidden Passage and talk to the horned statue to convert heart containers into stamina upgrades at a cost of 20 rupees for each exchange.


After you obtain the Master Sword, talk to Purah in Lookout Landing to begin the quest Destroy Ganondorf.