Camera Work in the Depths

After you activate the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, you can talk to Josha to start a side quest to take pictures in Chasms.

After you activate the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, you can talk to Josha to start a side quest to take pictures in Chasms.

How to Start the Quest

You can start this quest after you activate the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. Go to the area beneath the platform where you talked to Purah, and talk to Josha there to start the quest.

Go South from Lookout Landing

Go south from Lookout Landing and follow the stone roadway. There are some horses just to the west of here, but there isn't a stable nearby where you can register it. If you do want to catch a horse now, even though you won't be able to register it at a stable yet, you can try to catch one by sneaking up on it, then pressing the indicated button when you are close enough to the horse. You will have to try to tame the horse by pressing the indicated button to soothe it each time it obeys you, such as after you jump over an obstacle, or after you spur it on with a speed boost, or after it calms down from being disobedient.

When the path splits, continue going south. This will lead you to the chasm.

Near the chasm, there is a camp where you can talk to Suzuna, who gives you some elixir.

Also near the chasm, you find Jiosin Shrine. Be sure to open the door of the shrine so you can teleport back here later.

Talk to the person next to the Chasm. This is Daval. You can jump off from where Daval is standing, to jump into the Chasm. You can use the Paraglider to glide down, but be sure to put the Paraglider away if you are running low on stamina.

Where you land, you find a bright area with a campfire. You can talk to Ponnick, who shows you the glowing object that Robbie went to, and the two campfires that he made, after which Robbie went west. You can tell Ponnick that you have or don't have Brightbloom Seeds. He tells you how to throw the seeds, and also how to attach them to arrows.

As you go toward the first glowing object that Ponnick showed you, you will see some Deep Fireflies. You can sneak up on these and catch them, and cook them at a cookpot to make elixir that gives you a temporary glow.

The glowing object up ahead is the Nisoij Lightroot. Examine it to activate a bright light in the area, and also to map this part of the Depths. You will now be able to teleport to this location at any time.

Go to the nearest campfire that Ponnick showed you, and you can read the book on the table.

When you try to go west to the next campfire, you will see that the ground is covered with gloom. Look for the rock that hangs over the layer of gloom, and climb up it. You can jump down from it to a part of the ground that is not covered with gloom.

Nearby, there are more Deep Fireflies, and a Muddle Bud that you can gather.

Go to the nearby campfire and read the book on the table. It mentions a glowing root to the west. Look west to see it. Go toward it. There are some gloom Bokoblins to the left. If you take damage from them, your maximum health will decrease, so be careful.

Continue on your way to the glowing root. It is the Iayusus Lightroot. Check on the glowing object and it will light up the area, and if you lost any hearts to gloom attacks, they will be repaired (but your health won't be restored).

Go southwest to the nearby campfire and talk to Robbie. He will unlock the Camera and the Hyrule Compendium. You can now take pictures of creatures and objects, and they will be recorded in the Hyrule Compendium.

Take a picture of the statue with the raised arm now. Make sure that you see the red exclamation mark when taking the picture, which indicates that you have captured the requested image. If you did it correctly, Robbie will ask to see the picture.

You can explore the Depths more if you wish, but when you're ready to move on, teleport back to Lookout Landing and talk to Robbie in the area beneath the platform in front of Purah's lab. Josha will give you some Zonaite.