Gerudo Regional Phenomena

The Gerudo region in the southwest is experiencing strange phenomena, and Purah asks you to investigate.

Reach Gerudo Desert

If you go south from Lookout Landing, you will reach a Chasm, and you find Jiosin Shrine nearby. Go along the road southwest from there. Eventually, you will reach the Hyrule Garrison Ruins, and you can go northwest from there to find Susuyai Shrine.

Go south from there to find Mayachin Shrine, and farther south to find the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. Go southwest from the tower, and then south along the road. When there is a fork in the road, go west. You will see Tsutsu-um Shrine in the hill overlooking the road, and Outskirt Stable is nearby.

Go west along the road near Tsutsu-um shrine, and it will lead you south on Digdogg Suspension Bridge. Continue on this road and you reach Gerudo Canyon Pass. You will be asked by the guard to take a quiz, and if you get the correct answers, she will let you pass. The correct answers are below.

  1. How do you warm up when it's cold? Answer:
  2. When it is very hot out, where should you go to cool off? Answer:
  3. What cooking ingredient is good at fending off high temperatures? Answer:
  4. Where could you go in Gerudo Canyon to avoid being affected by the extreme temperatures, day or night? Answer:

The road ahead will split, but you can take either route. The southeast route goes up through the mountains, and the northwest route goes along a river.

Eventually, the road leads southwest into Gerudo Desert.

Visit Kara Kara Bazaar

The road leads to Mayatat Shrine, which is near Kara Kara Bazaar. Here you will find shops and an inn.

You can buy a Desert Voe Headband, which provides some heat resistance, for 450 rupees.

Go to Gerudo Town

The desert is covered in a sand shroud, which will make your compass and map stop working if you go into it. However, there is a wind spout near Kara Kara Bazaar, and there are wind spouts throughout the desert, so you can stand in a wind spout, then jump up and use your paraglider to float up. This will take you above the level of the sand shroud, so you can see which direction to float in. You will find more wind spouts as you go along. Do this until you have reached Gerudo Town.

Enter Gerudo Town

Normally, voe aren't allowed in Gerudo Town, but when you reach the town, you find that there are no guards, and there are mummy-like monsters called Gibdos lurking in the town. The only way to defeat them is with fire or lightning, so try using your Fuse ability to fuse a weapon with a Ruby or fire-based monster part, or a Topaz or lightning-based monster part, or throw Fire Fruit or Shock Fruit at them.

Before you go to the quest destination, go to the stone platform above the quest destination to find Soryotanog Shrine.

Then go down, and enter the cave tunnel at the base of the stairs, where you can see a Gerudo. Talk to her, and she will mention that you are too short to see through the peepholes into the shelter.

When she walks away, use Ultrahand to move the wooden crate in front of the shelter door. Stand on it and examine the door, and you will learn that the wells on the surface connect to the underground waterways.

Go back outside. Go east to find a well next to an awning with two cookpots under it. Jump into the well. Down below, you will see the bottled letters flowing along in the water. Go west, toward the direction that the bottles are coming from. At the dead end, you find an urn in the water, connected to a rope from above. The bottled letters are coming down from the hole in the ceiling. Use Ascend to go into the emergency shelter.

After a cutscene, the quest Riju of Gerudo Town will begin. You can now enter the emergency shelter freely, and you can visit the shops in the shelter.