List of Special Controls

A list of how to unlock the Special Controls that are listed under System in the pause menu of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Special Controls List

# Special Control How to Unlock
1 Throw Material Yamiyo Shrine
2 The Scope and Pins Complete your first shrine.
3 Shield Surf Complete the quest Crisis at Hyrule Castle, then the quest The Duchess Who Disappeared
4 Charged Attacks Kyononis Shrine
5 Jump Slash After you talk to Hoz at Hyrule Castle, read the book at -0332, -0335, 0025, in the camp west of Hyrule Field Chasm and Jiosin Shrine.
6 Backflip Kyononis Shrine
7 Side Hop Kyononis Shrine
8 Perfect Guard Kyononis Shrine or Eshos Shrine
9 Use amiibo Complete your first shrine.