Go to the Southwest Shrine

After you complete the Ukouh Shrine, you can go southwest to the next shrine.

After you complete the Ukouh Shrine, you can go southwest to the next shrine.

Go Southwest

Go down the spiral stairs and you soon find some wooden planks. You can now use Ultrahand outside of the shrine, so use this ability to attach two planks together (one is too short) and place the bridge to the island west of the one you are on.

On the other side, go south and climb down the cliffs. Farther ahead, you can talk to Rauru near the stone ruins. In the ruins, you can find a bundle of wood. There is also a wooden crate that you can lift with Ultrahand and let it drop to break it open and get the arrows that are inside.

Nearby, you can talk to the Maker Construct to learn about woodcutting, and you can take the Stone Axe nearby. If you are ever in need of wood for making platforms, you can use axes to chop down trees.

Make a Bridge

Attach some logs together. Two should be enough. Go to the gap to the south, and you can rotate the log bridge at an angle so that you can see the glowing shadow on the ground and make sure that the shadow is over both sides of the gap. Place the bridge in one of the slots, and go across.

In this area, you will see a floating object to the right. You can move it with Ultrahand and use it as a platform if needed.

Explore the Area

Farther ahead, you will find a Ranger Construct. You can talk to it to learn about hunting. You can take the bow and arrows near the construct. There are some birds in the distance, and you can crouch to sneak up on them and shoot at them from a distance with the bow and arrows. Their head is their weak spot. You will get Raw Steak from them, and you can drop the steak on the campfire to turn it into Seared Steak.

On the cliff overlooking the area with the birds, you will see Rauru, so climb up and talk to him. Southwest of there, you can see a stone building. Inside, you can talk to the Culinary Construct to learn about cooking. You can use the cookpot here to cook food. This is different from cooking things on a campfire, which can only make roasted and seared foods. One recipe for the cookpot is a Skyshroom and an Apple, which will make Fruit and Mushroom Mix. Another is Raw Meat, which makes a Meat Skewer. Once you cook a meal, you can choose an ingredient and "select for recipe", and you will hold the ingredients necessary to make that meal again. You can also select any cooked meal (even a meal that you didn't cook yourself) and choose "check recipe" to see the list of ingredients.

Go south from here, and to the left you can defeat some Soldier Constructs to unlock a chest, which contains an Opal.

Help the Korok

Go southwest and you find a waterfall. Go past it and you will find a Korok who needs help. (If you want to skip this, just jump down from the waterfall and skip to Cross the Water below.) To help the Korok, cut down the nearby tree, then attach the three logs side by side. Then take a nearby hook and attach the non-hook end to the wooden platform that you created. Then you can pick up the Korok by the backpack and attach it safely to the platform. Hook the platform onto the rail and move it slightly away from the slope, then quickly hop on to go with the Korok. (If the platform goes too far away and you can't get onto it, you can cut down trees and use the other hook here to make another platform for yourself.)

Afterward, unstick the Korok from the platform by wiggling the control stick as indicated, then move the Korok close to its friend. Afterward, talk to the friend to get two Korok Seeds.

Reach the Other Side

Use the logs here to make your wooden platform wider if you wish. Put the hook onto the rail that goes down to the water below, then jump onto the platform to go down to that area.

Cross the Water

If you don't have a raft, go southeast from the waterfall to find some logs and a sail that you can use to build one.

Move the raft onto the water, and the wind will move you across. On the other side, go up the stairs from the water. A Chuchu will attack. Defeat it to get Chuchu Jelly.

Continue along the stone path and defeat the Soldier Construct, then take the nearby Thick Stick.

Go up the stairs to reach the shrine. Check on the glowing object to open the shrine, and go into the In-Isa Shrine.