Gutanbac Shrine: The Ability to Rise

After you complete the Ukouh Shrine, you can go southeast to the next shrine.

After you complete the Ukouh Shrine, you can go southeast to the next shrine.


After a cutscene, you get the Ascend ability. Walk forward and stand under the ledge. Stand on the tile that has a pattern on it. Then press the indicated button to use the Ascend ability. You will see where you will go through the ceiling. You can move around if you need to change your position. When you are ready, press the indicated button to Ascend. At the top, you will be partly in the ground. You can press the indicated buttons to either go back down below, or exit from the ground. Choose to exit so that you are on top of the ledge.

Up ahead, there is a small block on the left that is part way up the wall. Stand under this smaller block and use Ascend to go on top of it. There, you will find a chest that contains a Stone Axe.

Go back down to the lower level and stand on the other tile beneath the taller column. Use Ascend to go to the top of it. Defeat the Construct at the top.

In the wall, there are some wooden crates. You can use the axe from the treasure chest to break them. Go into the space behind where the crates were and use Ascend to go up above. Open the chest here to get a Construct Bow. Then go back down below.

Use the axe or another sharp weapon to cut the ropes that are holding a s tone slab in place. After the slab falls, stand under it and use Ascend to go on top of it.

Go to the wall where you can see a moving platform going side to side. There is a stone platform farther up, but it is too far to use Ascend on. The moving platform will pause at each end of its path, so stand under one of the places where it stops, and use Ascend to get on top of it. From there, you can use Ascend to get on top of the stone above the moving platform.

From there, go to the glowing object and check on it to get a Light of Blessing.

Moving On

Go east from the shrine to a wooden platform with a wooden bridge above it. Use Ascend to get on top of the bridge above you. Then go into the tree trunk, check on the inactive Construct to get a Zonai Charge, then open the chest to get the Archaic Warm Greaves. Equip them to be protected from the cold in this area. They are stronger than the Archaic Legwear, so you should continue to wear them even when you return to a warmer area.

Go north down the slope and stand under the flat stone platform of the spiral staircase up ahead. Use Ascend to reach the top. There is an orb-shaped building. Talk to the Maker Construct next to this building to learn how to use it. You can drop Construct Horns and Zonai Charges into the cookpot-shaped bin to convert them into Zonai Capsules. If you only put in one Zonai Charge, you only get one Zonai Capsule, but if you put five Zonai Charges in, you get more than five capsules. This dispenser can dispense Flame Emitters, Wings, Fans, and Portable Pots. You can look at the map to see the full list of items that the dispenser dispenses.

Go down to the area below, where there are Wings and a set of rails in the ground. You can talk to Rauru here. Stand on the Wing that is at the far end of the platform. It is already in the rails. Hit the icicle in front of the Wing with a weapon and the Wing will automatically start flying. You can stand in the exact center of the Wing to keep it flying straight ahead, and you can walk farther toward the nose of the Wing to tilt it downward, making it fly more quickly. Stand farther toward the tail to slow it down. Stand on the left side to steer it to the left, and stand on the right side to steer it to the right.

Use the Wing this way to land at the Temple of Time, or if you have been to the other shrine, you can steer to the right to land on the floating island just east of the temple. (If you haven't been to the other shrines, there is nothing that you can do on this east island, so just land at the Temple of Time instead.) If you have been to the other shrine, you can get the chest underwater that contains a Large Zonaite. Then go to the west side of this island to jump off of the edge and dive into the water below.

If there are still one or more shrines that you haven't visited, go west from the Temple of Time and follow the directions in the "Reach the Shrine" section of The Closed Door. (If you have already visited the shrine that those directions lead you to, you can continue from that shrine to the southwest shrine.) If you have already visited the other shrines, you can now enter the Temple.