Ukouh Shrine: The Ability to Create

You venture forth from the temple and reach the glowing shrine nearby.

You venture forth from the temple and reach the glowing shrine nearby.

Create Bridges

After the cutscene, you can press L to use the Ultrahand ability. Note that you can currently only use this ability while you are in the shrine.

Go down the stairs and look to the right to see a stone slab. Press the indicated button to activate Ultrahand. Put the cursor over the stone slab, which will glow to indicate that you can interact with it. Press the indicated button to grab the slab, then use the control stick to make the slab hover over the gap. Make sure that the glowing shadow of the slab is partly visible on your side of the gap, then press the indicated button to Cancel. This will drop the slab. If you placed the slab correctly, you can use it as a bridge to cross the gap.

Cross the Gap

Next, there is a wider gap. A single slab is too short to make a bridge, but you can use Ultrahand to attach the two slabs together. Start by picking up the slab that is leaning against the wall, and rotate it with the indicated buttons so that it is flat. Or, you can drop it on the ground so that it is flat, and pick it up afterward. Move one of the slabs so that the short end of one is up against the short end of the other, then push the indicated button to attach the slabs. Then you can pick up the new long slab and rotate it with the indicated buttons as needed, and place it over the gap to use it as a bridge.

Get the Treasure

There is a treasure chest on a column in the corner. You can pick up the two-slab bridge that you just used, and lean it against the column to make a ramp. Walk up the ramp and open the chest to get Amber.

Farther ahead, you find some hooks, and a wooden platform. Pick up the wooden platform and rotate it to be flat, and drop it on the ground. Then take the hook that isn't attached to anything (or you can grab the hook that is attached to the ball and wiggle the right control stick to unstick the hook from the ball), then rotate the hook so that the hook part is at the top. Move the square base of the hook on top of the middle of the wooden platform, and attach it.

Now move the hook platform and place the hook over the rail, but before you let go, be sure to stand close to it so you can quickly jump onto it, because it will start to slide to the other side. If it slides without you, you can use Ultrahand to pull it back to you.

After you have reached the other side, check on the glowing object and there will be a cutscene.

Go to the Next Shrine(s)

If you have not been to the southwest shrine, read Go to the Southwest Shrine for directions. If you have been to the southwest shrine, but not to the shrine southeast of here, first you should go back to the Temple of Time, then follow the instructions on Go to the Southeast Shrine. Otherwise, if you have already been to three shrines, return to the Temple.