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Onion from Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Onion

Item Category Crops > Vegetables/Fruits
Description A fragrant onion that has bested many a novice chef with its tear-jerking capabilities.
How to Get Onion Wild onions can be gathered from the ground in the first farm area.
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Where to Buy Onion
Shop NameCostSeasonal AvailabilityAdditional Requirements
Norman's Groceries 570
(456 in Seedling Mode)
Available in spring and summer Sold after you ship onions.
Used in/Made by Makers
MakerInput(s)Output(s)Processing time
Seed Maker Onion Onion Seeds
Onion is/are Required for the Following Recipes/Crafted Items
Shipment Value
Number of StarsNormal ModeSeedling Mode