Olive Museum

You can donate photos, fish, and treasures to the Olive Town Museum. You can also buy replicas and get mysterious items appraised there.

How to Get a Camera

You can get a camera by visiting the museum. Gloria will give you a camera the first time you visit.

How to Donate Photos

After you get the camera, you can take photos of wildlife and donate the photos to the museum. Wildlife will be outlined in blue when you point the camera at them. Take the photo while the wildlife is outlined in blue. Then go to the museum and talk to Gloria to donate the photo. You will need to choose where to build the replica in the museum. After the replica is complete, you can purchase replica statues from Reina. You can use the statues to decorate your house, or give as gifts.

How to Donate Fish

After you get the fishing rod and catch fish, you can bring your catches to the museum and give them to Gloria.

How to Donate Treasures

If you find treasures, you can ask Reina to appraise them. These treasures can be found in the mines in the second and third farm areas by hitting Baddies with your hammer.

Buying Statues and Replicas

You can buy statues and replicas from Beth starting at 10AM if the museum is open.

Beth from Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town
Buy Animal Statue
Item Name Normal Mode Price Seedling Mode Price Additional Requirements
Sparrow Statue 600 480
White Butterfly Statue 800 640
Squirrel Statue 1,000 800
Orange Fox Statue 1,200 960
Owl Statue 1,600 1,280
Brown Ermine Statue 1,800 1,440
Stag Beetle Statue 2,000 1,600
Eagle Statue 2,400 1,920
Rhinoceros Beetle Statue 5,200 4,160
G. P. Millipede Statue 20,000 16,000
White Fox Statue
White Ermine Statue 5,400 4,320
Bluebird Statue
Falcon Statue 3,600 2,880
Swallowtail Butterfly Statue
Crab Statue 6,000 4,800
Hercules Beetle Statue
Bear Statue
Monkey Statue 9,600 7,680
Ptarmigan Statue
Morpho Butterfly Statue
Beth from Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town
Buy Treasure Replica
Item Name Normal Mode Price Seedling Mode Price Additional Requirements
Faux Fulgurite 2,000 1,600
Faux Cave Pearl 3,000 2,400
Faux Arthurite 4,000 3,200
Faux Gibeon Stone 5,000 4,000
Faux Ambergris 5,000 4,000
Faux Desert Rose 6,000 4,800
Faux Okenite 6,000 4,800
Faux Antique Accessory 12,000 9,600
Faux Antique Decoration 12,000 9,600
Faux Antique Monument 12,000 9,600
Faux Timeworn Fan 20,000 16,000
Faux Timeworn Scroll 20,000 16,000
Faux Timeworn Compass 16,000 12,800
Faux Timeworn Map 20,000 16,000
Faux Shiny Trophy Buckle 30,000 24,000
Faux Sparkling Spur 30,000 24,000
Faux Golden Horn 40,000 32,000
Faux Ancient Black Tome 60,000 48,000
Faux Glass Slipper 80,000 64,000
Faux Dinosaur Fossil 160,000 128,000
Faux Ancient Bug Fossil
Faux Antique Mirror
Faux Ancient Shell Fossil
Faux Ancient White Tome
Faux Prehistoric Gear
Faux Crystallized Amber
Faux Golden Cow Helmet
Faux Olive Crystal
Faux Pallasite
Faux Timeworn Coin