Your First Day

A guide to your first day on your farm in Olive Town, with a list of recommended activities to do before bed.

Get Tools

After you name your farm, Victor will give you some basic tools. After you move your tools from your tool bag to your item bar, you can press the directional buttons to switch between tools, and press Y to use the active tool.

You can access your inventory by pressing X.

Axes chop down trees and remove tree stumps. Hammers break stones. Sickles cut wild grass.

Hammers can also be used to remove tilled land, seedlings, and young trees.

Saving the Game

You can check on the journal in your tent or house to save the game, or you can press the + button to open the pause menu and save from there. The game is also automatically saved in the autosave slot when you go to sleep for the night (but it doesn't overwrite your saved game in the numbered save slots).

Viewing Tutorials

Examine books or bookshelves in your tent or house to review the tutorials that you have seen in the game so far.

Clear the Land

For your first day, your goal is to clear the land. Move the tools from your Tool Bag to the item bar to make them available for use. Use the axe to chop down trees, use the sickle to cut wild grass, and use the hammer to break stones.

As you work, your stamina will decrease. You can eat to restore some stamina during the day. Your stamina will be fully restored if you go to sleep before 11PM. If you are still awake at 2AM, you will collapse and automatically sleep in your bed for the rest of the night. Check the Sleep, Bed Times, and Wake Times page for more information.

Visit Olive Town

You should also pay a visit to Olive Town and meet people there. You can get a fishing rod from Manuela and Marcos's house in the southeast of town, and you can get a camera from the museum in the northeast of town. You can check the bulletin board in the town hall to find requests, which provide a way of making extra money.

Ship Wild Crops

As you clear your farm, you may find wild crops. Be sure to put these into the shipping box so you can earn money the next day. You can put items into the bin any time before you go to bed. There is no deadline as long as you put them into the bin before the next day.

Be sure to ship a little of everything that you find, including raw materials like logs and grass, and wild plants, because the shops in town may sell new items after you ship certain things.

At the End of the Day

Be sure to go to bed before 2AM, or you will collapse, and won't regain full stamina the next day. Be sure to stop working if you are low on stamina hearts, because if your stamina becomes empty, you will collapse and automatically go to bed until the next day. Check the Sleep, Bed Times, and Wake Times page for more information.