Raising Crops

How to till the earth, sow seeds, water, and harvest crops in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

Clear Debris

You can use the hammer to break rocks and remove young trees, use the axe to chop down trees and remove stumps, and use the sickle to cut wild grass. You can press A to harvest wild plants.

Till the Earth

Before you can sow seeds, you need to use the hoe to till the earth. The basic hoe will create one square of tilled land per use.

Sow Seeds

If you have seeds in your bag, select them and face a square of tilled earth. You can then press Y to sow the seeds.

Water the Crops

On days when it is not raining or snowing, use the watering can to water your crops. There is no need to water your crops on days when it is raining or snowing. Later, you can unlock sprinklers that will automatically water a small area each morning.

Harvest the Crops

If a crop is ready to harvest, you can face the crop and press A to harvest it.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees do not need to be planted in tilled land, and they do not need to be watered. When a fruit tree is mature, it will produce fruit when it is in season.

Use the Hammer to Remove Tilled Land and Young Trees

If you need to clear away some crops or young trees, use the hammer to flatten the earth where they are planted.

Unused Tilled Land Disappears

If you have tilled land that doesn't have anything planted in it, it will turn back into untilled land after a while.

Rare Crops

There is a small chance of getting a rare and more valuable version of certain crops, such as Giant Tomatoes instead of regular Tomatoes.

Increase Your Field Level

After you have a certain number of Earth Sprite followers, it will become possible to increase your field level, which will allow you to harvest higher-quality crops.