Unlock Guide

A list of features in the game and the steps required to unlock them.

List of Features to Unlock

ToolsVictor gives you your first tools after you name your farm. You will get more tools as the game progresses, and you can go to the tool shop in Olive Town and talk to Clemens to upgrade your tools. See the full list of tools for more information.
More Farm AreasTo unlock more farm areas, you need to repair the Dilapidated Bridge on your land. You can repair it with materials or repair it by paying the repair cost. See How to Expand the Farm for more details.
LivestockIn order to keep livestock, you need to find the Dilapidated Coop and Dilapidated Barn on your farm and gather the required materials to repair them. Once they are repaired, you can tame the wild animals on your land by talking to them, and you can buy more livestock from Hoof House Animal Shop in Olive Town.
MiningYou can unlock the first mine by using the hammer to break the rocks that block the path to the cave in the first farm area. Enter the cave and use your hammer to break rocks and hit sparkling walls, and use your hoe to dig up sparkling ground. For more information, see the Mining page.
FishingYou will get a fishing rod the first time you go into Marcos and Manuela's house on the beach in Olive Town. For more information, see the fishing page.
Mushrooms and BeesTo grow mushrooms and keep bees, you need to find the Rotted Mushroom Log in the second farm area, and the Rotted Beehive in the third farm area, and repair them. Then you can use mushroom spores on the log to grow mushrooms, and use flowers on the beehive to get honey.
Earth SpritesExplore your land to find new areas, and you will eventually meet an earth sprite. Talk to it to learn more. Sprites can help you with farming, and can give you access to special locations. For more information, read the Earth Sprites page.
MountsTo unlock mounts, you need to repair the Dilapidated Barn in the third farm area, then talk to the brown horse in the third farm area to tame it. After that, you can buy more stables from Nigel's Handiworks and buy different types of mounts from the Hoof House Animal Shop.