House Upgrades

Nigel can upgrade your tent to a house, and upgrade your house to larger sizes, if you bring the required materials and money.

How to Upgrade Your Tent and House

To upgrade your tent to a house, and upgrade your house to larger sizes, take the required materials to Nigel's Handiworks in southern Olive Town and ask Nigel to perform the upgrade.

List of House Upgrades and Required Materials

Upgrade ToMaterials RequiredCost
Log House20 Logs2,000G
Small House30 Lumber
30 Solid Lumber
30 Iron Ingots
30 Silver Ingots
Large House60 Supple Lumber
60 Durable Lumber
40 Silver Ingot
40 Gold Ingot
Luxury House120 Supple Lumber
60 Mirage Lumber
80 Gold Ingot
20 Orichalcum Ingot

House Features

The tent that you begin with has a basic set of features, but upgrading to the log house adds the following useful features to your home.

KitchenUse it to cook meals, which can restore your stamina or be given as gifts.
BathUse it to recover stamina. Using the bath will skip 30 in-game minutes.
ClosetAllows you to change clothes. You can buy clothes at the salon after it opens.
RefrigeratorYou can store ingredients and meals in the refrigerator.
PetsAfter upgrading to the log cabin, you can keep pets. You can buy pets from Hoof House Animal Shop.

Larger House Features

Larger houses increase your storage capacity in the refrigerator and allow you to keep more pets.

House TypeRefrigerator SpacePet Limit
Log House24 refrigerator items1 pet
Small House48 refrigerator items2 pets
Big House72 refrigerator items3 pets
Luxury House96 refrigerator items4 pets