Mining is a way to get useful ores that you can use for crafting. You can also find hidden treasures that you can appraise at the museum.

How to Access the Mines

There is a mine in the first farm area that you can reach by using the hammer to break the rocks that block the path to the cave entrance. There are two additional mines that you can reach by repairing the dilapidated bridge in the first farm area, and clearing debris in the second farm area.

How to Mine

Use a hammer to break rocks in the mine. One of the rocks hides a ladder to the next level.

If you see sparkling ore in the ground, use the hoe to dig it up.

If the wall is sparkling, use the hammer on it to get ore.

Completion Rewards

Each mine has a lowest level. You will get a reward the first time you reach that level. The first mine's lowest level is B10, for example, and you will get 3 Opals the first time you get there.


Starting with the mine in the second area, you can encounter Baddies. These are mole-like creatures that appear and disappear at random. The ground will change where they are about to come up. If you get too close to them, they will drain your stamina. Don't stand where they are about to appear. They hit the squares surrounding them, too, so don't be in any of the nearby squares. After the Baddie comes up, hit it with the hammer. It will drop an item. Sometimes it drops rare items that you can take to Reina at the Museum for appraisal.


To conserve stamina, only hit the rocks that have the types of items that you want. Small, reddish rocks only drop Stones; larger, yellowish rocks drop iron ore; large, greyish rocks drop Silver Ore; and so on.

The rock that hides the ladder is never next to the wall, so if you are just looking for the ladder, you can ignore the rocks against the wall.

If you use the up ladder, you will go back outside, no matter how far down in the mines you are.

The mines are random every time, so if your bag is full and you can't hold everything that you get, you will lose it. Try putting your tools back in the tool bag, and put items into storage before you visit the mines.