Friendship, Relationships, and Marriage

By talking to residents of Olive Town, giving them gifts, and spending time with them during events, you can increase your friendship and become close to them. With high enough friendship, you can marry an eligible bachelor or bachelorette.

How to Increase Friendship

To increase friendship with a resident of Olive Town, be sure to talk to them and give them gifts. Attending special events will increase your friendship with everybody, as well.

How to Give Gifts

Select an item in your item bar. If it is something that can be given as a gift, you will be able to press Y to hand the gift to the person you are facing.

No Disliked Gifts

There are no disliked gifts, so there is no risk in giving everybody something each day.

Gift-Giving Hints

If you have at least two hearts with someone, you can view their information in the relationships tab of your notebook to see a hint about the kinds of items that they like.

One Gift Per Day

You can give everybody one gift per day. If you see a message "daily gift limit reached", it means you have already given that person a gift for the day.

How to View Your Relationships

Press X to open your notebook, then go to the Resident Information tab. You will see your relationship with everyone you have met so far. If you have given someone a gift today, you will see a gift icon on their information bar.

Confessing Your Love

You can confess your love to an eligible bachelor or bachelorette after they have 6 hearts in your notebook and after you have seen 5 of their special encounters.

To confess, you need to buy a confession pendant from the general store and give it to the person you wish to confess to. There is no limit to how many people you can confess to, so feel free to confess to all marriage candidates.

Proposing Marriage

To propose marriage, you need to have a log cabin or larger house, you have to have 10 hearts with your partner, and you have to see all 9 of their special encounters.

To propose marriage, you need to buy a Blue Feather from the general store and give it to your partner. You can only marry one person at a time.

After getting married, you will no longer be able to see other characters' love events. However, you can get a divorce to be able to see other characters' love events again.

Getting Married

The day after you propose marriage, Mayor Victor will visit your farm in the morning to ask when you want the wedding to take place. Victor will give you three possible dates. The available dates won't be on the same day as birthdays or festivals. Keep in mind that the wedding will last all day. You will wake up at 6AM the day after your wedding.

After you choose your wedding date, the Mayor will take you to the town hall to choose your wedding outfit. Walk up to the outfit that you want, and press A, and if you are sure that you want that outfit, choose "Go with this one." After that, you automatically go back to your farm house.

On the chosen day, your wedding ceremony will automatically take place at the start of the day. After that, your spouse will live with you in your farm house.

Getting a Divorce

You can check on the shrine in the northern part of town and choose "Special Prayer", and if you are married, there will be an option to divorce your spouse. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, the day will end immediately. Your relationship with your spouse will be as if you never confessed to them (but you will still have 10 hearts with them), your child (if any) will disappear, and you will automatically go to the next day.

Marriage Candidates

DLC Marriage Candidates
Felicia (DLC: Windswept Falls)Neil (DLC: Windswept Falls)
Iris (DLC: Terracotta Oasis)Raeger (DLC: Terracotta Oasis)
Lisette (DLC: Twilight Isle)Ludus (DLC: Twilight Isle)