How to Make Honey

How to make the four different types of honey in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, with a list of the types of flowers that make different hives.

Step 1: Unlock the Third Farm Area

Before you can make honey, you have to unlock the third farm area. Read how to expand the farm to find out what materials you will need.

Step 2: Repair the Dilapidated Beehive

In the third farm area, you find the dilapidated beehive. See the Beehive page to find out what materials you will need to repair it.

Step 3 (optional): Buy More Beehives

After you repair the dilapidated beehive, you can buy more beehives from Nigel's Handiworks. You can have up to 20 beehives.

Step 4: Put Flowers into the Beehives

You can check on a beehive to put a flower into it. After several days, the beehive will have a hive in it. You can check on the beehive to collect it.

There are four types of honey hives. The type that you get depends on the type of flower that you put in. See the Flower to Honey Table below for details.

Step 5: Put the Hives into Honey Makers

Each time you collect a hive from a beehive, you increase your beekeeping skill. After you reach level 3 of beekeeping, you can make the Honey Maker. Create a honey maker, place it on your farm, then put hives into it. After a while, you can check on the honey maker to get the honey that was produced.

Flower to Honey Table

Below is a list of the different types of flowers that create the different types of hives.