Beginning the Game

A guide to starting a new game of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

Choose Online or Offline

When you start the game, it will ask if you want to play online or offline. If you choose to play online, it will let you know that other players can see your Player Name and Farm Name.


If you have purchased the Expansion Pass, the game will list any DLC that have been added since the last time you played.

Title Screen

Press A to display the title screen, where you can choose to start a new game, continue your existing game, or change the options. You can also see your achievements, view the credits, list any downloadable content that you have purchased, or read the game manual.

Difficulty Mode

When starting a new game, you can choose Normal Mode or Seedling Mode. Seedling Mode gives several bonuses that make the game easier: you will earn more money for the items you ship, your stamina decreases more slowly, friendship levels increase more quickly, skill experience points are easier to gain, and shop prices are lowered. You can change the difficulty level any time.

Customize Your Appearance

After watching the opening cutscene, you can customize your character's appearance. You can choose facial features, skin color, right eye color, left eye color, hairstyle, hair color, voice, bearing, and outfit.

You can change hairstyle later, and can also unlock changing your eye color and facial features.

Choose Motorcycle Color

Next, after a brief cutscene, you can choose your motorcycle color. This can be changed later.

Meet Victor

After a cutscene, Victor will meet you. You can press X to open the log and review all the previous dialogue text. You can press Y to switch to Auto mode, to make the dialogue advance automatically.

Victor will take your motorcycle to Clemens's tool shop for repairs.

Name Your Character

Now you must name your character. The name can be up to 8 characters long. You will be asked to confirm it after you enter it. You can't change it later.

Choose Your Character's Birthday

Next, you can choose your character's birthday. You can choose Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Each season has 28 days. You will be asked to confirm it after you choose it. You can't change it later.

Choose Grandson/Granddaughter

You can choose whether you are your grandfather's grandson or granddaughter. This affects the pronouns that the characters in the game will use for you. You will be asked to confirm your choice. You can't change it later.

Name The Farm

Now you must name your farm. The name can be up to 12 characters long. You will be asked to confirm it after you enter it. You can't change it later.

Your First Day

After this, you will proceed to your first day on the farm.