Your Second Day

A guide to the second day on your farm in Olive Town. You will be able to plant crops with the tools Victor gives you.

Get More Tools from Victor

Use the hoe to till the land, preparing it for planting seeds. Then sow the seeds in the tilled land, and then use the watering can to water them. You can refill the watering can at a well if it becomes empty. If it's raining or snowing, your seeds are automatically watered, so you don't need to use the watering can on rainy or snowy days.

Place the Well

Victor gives you a well, which you should place somewhere on your farm. This will allow you to refill your watering can when it is empty.

Plant Crops

Victor gives you 9 turnip seeds, and a cherry seedling. You need to use the hoe to till 9 squares of land, then sow the turnip seeds in the tilled land. Be sure to water them. You do not have to plant the cherry seedling on tilled land. Seedlings do not need to be watered.

Buy More Seeds in Town

In the General Store and Flower Shop, you can buy more seeds to plant on your farm. The more you plant, the more money you can earn. Just make sure that you don't plant so much that you don't have enough energy to water it all each day.

Repair the Dilapidated Coop and Tame the Wild Chicken

If you haven't already, you should check on the Dilapidated Coop on your land to see what materials are needed to repair it. You can get these materials by chopping trees, breaking rocks, and cutting grass on your farm. After you repair the coop, you can check on the wild chicken on your farm to tame it. After you tame your first animal, you can go to the Town Hall to pick up some free fodder from Title Rewards, to the right of the bulletin board. You can also buy fodder and fodder seeds from the general store.