A food columnist who posts Gourmet Requests in his mansion.

Lovett from Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Lovett

BirthdayAutumn 7
Favorite Gifts Acqua Pazza, Caprese Salad, Champiñones a la Plancha, Onigiri
Loved Gifts Fashionable Bracelet, Giant Turnip, Minestrone, Star Potato, Tomato Juice
Liked Gifts Grilled Fish, Hot Milk, Milk +, Mirage Log, Shellfish Soup, Small Fish Marinade, Yogurt Drink

Lovett's Special Encounters

Hearts Required Location Time Weather
1 ♥ Outside on your farm Any Clear, Rain, Snow
4 ♥ Ranger's station (log cabin in forest north of Olive Town) 8AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
7 ♥ Olive Museum 8AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
10 ♥ Gull's Rest Hotel & Café 8AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow