List of Tools

A list of tools that you can get in the game, how to get them, and how to use them.


ToolHow to UseHow to Get
AxeUse the axe to chop down trees and remove tree stumps.Victor gives you the axe after you name your farm.
SickleUse the sickle to cut grass.Victor gives you the sickle after you name your farm.
HammerUse the hammer to break up rocks, get rid of crops, tilled land, seedlings, and young trees.Victor gives you the hammer after you name your farm.
BucketUse the bucket to remove water from puddles, ponds, and lakes.The day after it rains for the first time, Clemens will give you the bucket.
Fishing RodUse the fishing rod when facing a body of water to catch fish.You will get the fishing rod from Manuela and Marcos's house the first time you visit.
HoeUse the hoe to till the land so you can plant seeds there.Victor gives you the hoe on your second day on the farm.
Watering CanUse the watering can to water seeds that you have planted. Use the watering can on a well to refill the can.Victor gives you the hoe on your second day on the farm.
CameraUse the camera to take pictures of wildlife to donate to the museum, or just to take pictures for fun.Gloria gives you the camera the first time you visit the Olive Town Museum.
LeashUse the leash to take pets for a walk.Upgrade to a log cabin, then go to the Hoof House Animal Shop. Patricia will give you a leash for free.