Mother of Damon and Bridget. Owner of the Hoof House Animal Shop.

Patricia from Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Patricia

BirthdayAutumn 13
Favorite Gifts Golden Peach, Jewelry Locket, Moonlight Nocturne
Loved Gifts Comb Honey, Honey, Peach, Petunia, Royal Jelly, Worker Jelly
Liked Gifts Bouncy Ball, Gray Rabbit Fur, Pet Treat, Pink Rabbit Fur, Rabbit Fur

Patricia's Special Encounters

Hearts Required Location Time Weather
1 ♥ Hoof House Animal Shop 3PM - 4:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
4 ♥ The pier east of the Gull's Rest Hotel & Café 8AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
7 ♥ Capeside Bistro 8AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
10 ♥ Olive Town 8AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow