An overview of the game controls for moving your character and controlling the camera for taking photos.

Game Manual

You can view the official game manual online or from the game's title screen. The following information is adapted from the official manual.

Field Controls

Left Control StickTilt it slightly to walk. Tilt it fully to run.
Right Control StickTilt it to move the camera. Press it like a button to change the camera distance.
Directional ButtonsPress right and left to select items to use. Press up and down to choose an item slot.
A ButtonInteract with people and objects. Pick up items. Confirm current selection.
B ButtonClear away a facility. Cancel current selection.
X ButtonOpen your notebook.
Y ButtonUse the currently equipped tool or item.
+ ButtonOpen the system menu.

Camera Mode

To use camera mode, you need to have the camera tool. Highlight it in your item bar, then press Y to take photos. Then you can use the following controls while in camera mode.

Left Control StickMove your character.
Right Control StickChange the camera angle.
Directional ButtonsPress up to zoom closer. Press down to zoom farther.
L ButtonCrouch.
R ButtonTake a picture.
B ButtonExit camera mode.
+ ButtonOpen the photo album.

Use the following controls to navigate menus in the game.

Left Control Stick/Directional ButtonsMove the cursor.
A ButtonConfirm the current selection.
B ButtonCancel.
L Button/R ButtonSwitch between tabs.