Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt is the first Spring Festival in Olive Town. You can search for eggs by yourself or with a partner.

Egg Hunt Overview

The Egg Hunt takes place on Spring 15 each year. You can attend the event in Olive Town any time between 10AM and 7PM that day. When the event is over, you automatically return to your farm at 7PM, so be sure to take care of your livestock and crops before you begin.

Once you enter Olive Town between 10AM and 7PM on the day of the Egg Hunt, time will not pass, so you have plenty of time to talk to everyone and give people gifts for the day before you start the festival. Most people will be in the town square or playground. If you can't find someone, be sure to check the map.

How to Participate

To start the egg hunt, if you want to do the event alone, talk to Victor in the town square. Otherwise, you can choose to participate in the event with someone you have given a confession pendant to, or with your spouse. Talk to your desired partner to do the event with them. Saying "no" will not reduce your relationship with them, and you can talk to them again to do the event with them.

There are no mini-games or challenges in the Egg Hunt, so just watch the events unfold. You will automatically return to your farm at 7PM afterward. You won't be able to go back into town until the next day.