Use the Zombie Paper in Threed

After you get the Fly Honey, you can get something that will help you end the zombie apocalype.

The Mach Pizza Delivery Man arrives soon after Apple Kid calls you about his latest invention.

Get the Zombie Paper

Now that you have the Fly Honey, go north until you get a call from Apple Kid. He tells you about Zombie Paper. Wander around some more until the Mach Pizza delivery guy appears. He gives you the Zombie Paper.

Use the Zombie Paper in the Tent and Stay at the Hotel

Go into the town's central tent and use the zombie paper there. Then spend the night in the hotel. The zombies will be lured into the tent overnight.

Use the Graveyard Secret Passage

The next day, you can go see the zombies in the tent if you want. Otherwise, make sure that you have the Jar of Fly Honey, and get good equipment for everybody if you haven't already, and buy some healing items from the bakery if you need them. Then go to the northwest graveyard and go to the northwest corner, then go northeast to find the entrance to the secret passage. Go down the ladder.

Enemies that you will encounter here are:

The path is straightforward. Try using Flash on the zombies and ghosts that you encounter. If you are fighting Zombie Possessors (a.k.a. ghosts), kill them first, because they can call other ghosts into battle. If you get possessed with a mini-ghost, just ignore it. You can cure it soon.

Check on the casket in the first large room to get a Skip Sandwich DX, and check on the casket in the second large room to get a Silver Bracelet.


Go east until you find Mini-Barf. Mini Barf is weak to Fire. During the battle, Mini-Barf will exhale a blast of stinky breath, which makes all members of your party start crying, which reduces your accuracy. However, this only affects accuracy of physical attacks, so use PSI attacks if you are crying. If you aren't crying, use physical attacks to conserve PP. You can use Healing β or a Cup of Lifenoodles, Horn of Life, Secret Herb, or Refreshing Herb to cure the crying, but Mini-Barf will exhale stinky breath again, so curing the crying might be a waste of time.

Have Jeff heal Ness and Paula if necessary. If Jeff has Bottle Rockets, or if anyone has bombs, use them to deal a lot of damage.

After Mini-Barf is gone, go up the ladder to reach the Grapefruit Falls area.