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Investigate the Meteor Crash

A meteor crashes into the hills behind your house, so you get up to investigate.

Get Dressed

After you wake up, exit the room. In the hallway, go through the north door. Open the gift box to get the Cracked Bat. Equip it.

Exit Tracy's room and go down the stairs. Talk to your mother. You will automatically go back to your room and change out of your jammies.

Investigate Outside

Go downstairs and go outside. Go southwest and follow the path up the hill. When you see a slope going north, first go east to find a gift box that contains a Bread Roll.

Then go north up the slope. You can talk to Lier X. Agerate on the way. Then go east and talk to Pokey.

Go Back Home

Go back home and talk to Mom. Say OK to go back to bed.

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