Photo Locations

This page lists the locations of the 32 photos that the Photo Man can take of Ness and his friends in EarthBound.

The Photo Man arrives to take a commemorative picture of Ness.


There are 32 places in the world of EarthBound where the Photo Man will come down from the sky and take your photo. This page lists how to get all 32 photos.

Photo Location List

  1. In front of Ness's house after sunrise.
  2. In the house that you can buy for $7500 in western Onett. Walk in front of the couch to make the Photo Man appear.
  3. In front of the Twoson Bike Shop.
  4. In northwest Peaceful Rest Valley. After erasing the pencil statue, go north past the bridge and keep going north to make the Photo Man appear.
  5. In front of the cabin in Peaceful Rest Valley after you have rescued Paula.
  6. In front of the Chaos Theater in Twoson after you rescue Paula.
  7. In front of the tent at Lake Tess near the peninsula.
  8. In Brick Road's maze in Winters if you read the sign in the middle.
  9. In front of the grave that is by itself between the two graveyards in Threed.
  10. In front of Grapefruit Falls when you try to walk behind the waterfall.
  11. To the right of the hot spring in Saturn Valley.
  12. In front of the circus tent in Threed.
  13. Talk to the Black Sesame Seed in the northwest part of Dusty Dunes Desert.
  14. Outside of the gold mine in Dusty Dunes Desert after you defeat all of the Guardian Diggers.
  15. In the northeast corner of the bridge between Dusty Dunes Desert and Fourside.
  16. Read the sign for the dinosaur exhibit in the Fourside Museum.
  17. Between the two trees that are between the Monotoli Building and the Fourside Department Store.
  18. Between the toy store and the toy display in the Fourside Department Store, after you defeat the Dept. Store Spook.
  19. On the steps in front of the Fourside Museum after you defeat the Plague Rat of Doom.
  20. In front of the Dalaam palace after Poo joins Ness and his friends.
  21. In front of the Dalaam throne after Poo joins Ness and his friends.
  22. Just below the secret entrance in the middle of Stonehenge in Winters.
  23. In front of the steps of the Summers Hotel.
  24. Between the upper left tables in the Summers restaurant.
  25. In Summers, to the right of the beach umbrella that is south of the gelato cart.
  26. South of the sailor in Toto who is standing near the leftmost steps down to the water after Poo joins Ness and his friends.
  27. In Scaraba, to the right of the pond where the camel is standing.
  28. In front of the pyramid entrance in Scaraba.
  29. Northeast of a pond in the southern Scaraba desert that is west of the saleman with a camel.
  30. To the right of the myna bird in the Deep Darkness that is near a gift box.
  31. Talk to the Tenda village chief after you have given him the shyness book.
  32. Beat the game and the final photo will be added to the photo album automatically.