Earthbound FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about Earthbound.

Ness visits the Hint Man in Onett.

How do I get past the ghosts in the tunnel?

If you're in Twoson and you want to get past the ghosts, you'll need to go to Peaceful Rest Valley, rescue Paula, and go back to Twoson with Paula, and Visit Everdred. He'll give you the Wad of Bills, which you can give to Mr. Poochyfud, the owner of the Chaos Theater in Twoson. The Runaway Five will drive through the ghost-filled tunnel and into Threed.

If you're in Threed and you want to get past the ghosts, the only way is to visit the Threed graveyard and make sure the zombies see you, then go to the hotel. After Jeff leaves Winters and rescues Ness and Paula, use the zombie paper to trap the zombies. After going to Saturn Valley, go to Belch Base and defeat Master Belch. When you return to Threed, the ghosts will be gone from the tunnel.

Where do I get the For Sale Sign?

In Twoson, you can buy the For Sale Sign from the dirty kid in Burglin Park.

What does the Broken Machine do?

You find the Broken Machine in Apple Kid's house in Twoson. When Jeff joins your group later in the game, he will be able to repair the Broken Machine when you stay at a hotel, as long as the item is in his inventory. The Broken Machine will turn into the Counter-PSI Unit. This item doesn't help out that much, but if the enemy has low luck, the Counter-PSI Unit has a chance of making the enemy have trouble concentrating for several turns, making it unable to use PP.