After defeating Monotoli's guard robots, you confront Monotoli himself.

Ness, Paula, and Jeff hit the beach in the resort city of Summers.

Learn about Summers from Monotoli

Approach Monotoli, then go talk to him. Paula will rejoin you. Talk to Monotoli again and he will say that Giygas seems to want to prevent you from going to Summers. Monotoli wants to help you fight Giygas, so he opens the passage to his helipad. Go through the passage and approach the helicopter. After the cutscene, go back inside. Try to leave the room, and Paula will sense that you need to go to Threed.

Go with the Runaway Five to Threed

Leave Monotoli's office. The Runaway Five offer to take you to Threed in their tour bus. But before you leave the building, you can go around the offices to pick up any items that you might have missed. The Sentry Robots are gone.

When you are ready, go outside. Apple Kid will call you before you leave. When you are outside, approach the front of the tour bus to get in.

When the band drops you off in Threed, Gorgeous says maybe you left some sort of gadget here.

Equip Paula

If you removed Paula's equipment, make sure to re-equip her. The best weapon available for her at the moment can be purchased by teleporting to Winters and going into the shop in front of the Boarding School. If you got rid of her other gear, you can purchase a Great Charm in Saturn Valley, and a Gold Bracelet and Defense Ribbon in the Fourside Department Store.

Get the Pencil Eraser

If you gave the Pencil Eraser to Escargo Express, get it now before you proceed.

Find Transportation to Summers

Go to the graveyard in the north, where the Sky Runner crashed. Climb down the ladder and go into the cave at the end. Some people have tried to repair the Sky Runner. Check on the Sky Runner. Jeff is able complete the repairs, but the Sky Runner is only able to go to Winters. This is good, because if you used PSI Teleport to go to Winters, you wouldn't be able to cross Lake Tess since the Bubble Monkey isn't there to summon Tessie.

Fight Shrooom! and Reach Rainy Circle while you Wait

When you arrive in the lab, the monkeys talk to you and mention the cave to the north.

Talk to Dr. Andonuts. He will agree to reprogram the Sky Runner to send you to Summers. While you wait, go into the cave north of Stonehenge.


Talk to the sparkle to battle Shrooom!. It is weak to Fire. It can scatter spores to cause mushroomization and poisoning. If anyone is mushroomized, you might want to make them Defend so they can't hurt the others. Poison can be healed with Healing β or higher, as well as with certain herbs and other items. Shrooom! doesn't attack with PSI (but can use Lifeup α), so Ness can use Shield to protect against Shrooom!'s attacks.

Get the Rainy Circle Melody

After you defeat Shrooom!, go through the door that it was guarding to reach Rainy Circle and get the Sound Stone Melody.

Erase the Last Pencil Statue

Afterward, go east through the cave (all of the monsters will run away from you) and use the Pencil Eraser on the pencil statue outside near Brick Road's maze. This will help later. Then you can give the Pencil Eraser to Escargo Express because you'll never need it again (unless you forget to erase the pencil statue).

Fly to Summers

When you are ready, talk to Dr. Andonuts. He says that the Sky Runner is ready. Go into it to fly to Summers.