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After you visit all of the Your Sanctuary locations that you can reach, you should cross the sea to Scaraba.


Before you sail from Toto to Scaraba, buy more Big Bottle Rockets and Super Bombs and Teddy Bears. Make sure that someone is holding the Franklin Badge. You might want to get a Great Charm or Travel Charm in Saturn Valley to protect someone from Paralysis.

Sail to Scaraba

Teleport to Summers and walk east to Toto. Talk to the sailor at the top of the stairs, and he will take you out on the boat for $20 per person if Poo has joined you.


As you sail across the sea, Kraken attacks. Most PSI attacks only have a 50% chance of working on it. You should give someone the Franklin Badge, equip the Flame Pendant on someone, and equip the Night Pendant on someone else. You might also want to buy a Great Charm or Travel Charm in Saturn Valley to protect against Paralysis.

Kraken can emit a pale green light, which destroys all shields and returns all stats to normal.

Onward to Scaraba

After you defeat the Kraken, the ship will sail to Scaraba. You can get sunstroke by walking around outside of town, so be careful. Upgrade your equipment in the Scaraba bazaar, and buy a Piggy Nose. Be sure to talk to the man sitting on top of the rope to find out about the missing dungeon key.

Walk to the right of the pond next to the camel to make the Photo Man take your picture.

Cross Another Desert

When you are ready, go south from Scaraba to the desert. If you see a small red caterpillar wandering around, fight it, because it gives a lot of EXP and is easy to defeat.

Go southeast in the desert to find the sphinx. There are five switches in front of the Sphinx. These switches match the pattern from the hieroglyphs that you read in the museum. Start and end at the dot, going to the other switches in numerical order:

4   3
 2 5

When you first step on the top switch, the Sphinx will speak to you. Afterward, step on switch 2 in the diagram and continue from there, ending at the top switch. Each time you correctly press a switch, a musical tone will play, with a higher note playing each time. When you step on the final switch (assuming that you stepped on the correct ones), a brief tune will play, and the pyramid door will open. When you approach the pyramid door, the Photo Man will take your picture.