After sailing to Scaraba, you go south and solve the sphinx's riddle to open the pyramid.

Ness and his friends approach the pyramid south of Scaraba.

Explore the Pyramid

Enemies that you will encounter here are:

In the pyramid, go east from the entrance. Open the casket on the way to get a Viper. Keep going east until you reach a room with a sarcophagus in the middle. Go through the upper-left door in that room if you want a Bag of Dragonite.

Then go back to the sarcophagus room and go through the door on the right. Keep going east and open the caskets on the way to get a Speed Capsule and a Cup of Lifenoodles.

Continue going east and you will find a casket blocking a door. Check on it to start the boss battle.

Guardian General

The Guardian General has 831 HP. Use Fire and Big Bottle Rockets and Bombs, and have Paula and Poo use PSI Magnet to drain the 6 PP that the Guardian General has. Use Ness and Poo's Shields to protect against the physical attacks that the Guardian General uses.

Move the Sarcophagus

Go through the door that the Guardian General was blocking. Open the casket in this room to get a Rain Pendant. Then step on the floor switch.

Go west to return to the room with the sarcophagus. It has moved, revealing a hole. Fall down the hole, then check on the object on the platform to get the Hawk Eye. Give the Hawk Eye to Poo.

Go east. When you find a casket, open it to get a Diamond Band. This room can have a Magic Butterfly, so you might want to go in and out through the door to use the Magic Butterflies to restore PP and heal everyone up. Then, when you are ready, fall down the hole. Go east from there to leave the pyramid.

Part with Poo

Poo will soon leave for a while, so remove anything that he is carrying that you might want.

Go south and there will be a cutscene. Your next goal is to look for Dungeon Man.