Tenda Village

After the long journey through the Deep Darkness, you find a village of small, shy people.

Ness and his friends arrive in the Tenda Village after a long journey through the Deep Darkness.

Explore the Village

Go south from the village entrance and check the trash can to get a Death Ray for Jeff. You can use the nearby phone to save the game.

Go northwest from that area to find a Tenda standing near a cave entrance. Talk to that Tenda to rest for free.

You can optionally go south from there and talk to the Tenda with horns. He is the village chief, and he says something about a book on overcoming shyness.

If you go northwest from the village chief, you find a hot springs that you can sit in to heal status ailments that you couldn't fix with PSI or resting in the inn.

To the west, the sign says that there is an item shop, but the Tenda is too shy to run the shop.

You can optionally go south from the closed item shop, and you find a Tenda standing near a rock. That Tenda is too shy to speak, but the one walking around nearby is the only Tenda who is not shy. You can talk to him to find out that there is a mysterious place below that rock. The Tenda next to the rock is the only one strong enough to lift that rock, though, so you need to find a way to help the strong Tenda overcome his shyness.

Go outside, and you will get a phone call from Apple Kid, who is in Winters, working on a new invention. After that call ends, Orange Kid calls and says that Apple Kid has a book on overcoming shyness.

Before you proceed, you might want to buy some Multi Bottle Rockets, Teddy Bears, an Exit Mouse, and reviving items. To get Multi Bottle Rockets, you can teleport to the start of the Deep Darkness and talk to the Arms Dealer. Teddy Bears are sold in the Twoson and Fourside Department Stores, and Super Plush Bears are sold in the shop in Summers. You can pick up an Exit Mouse from the house in southern Onett. Reviving items include Horns of Life and Secret Herbs, which can be purchased in Saturn Valley, and Cups of Lifenoodles, which can only obtained from gift boxes.

When you are ready, you should go to Winters to investigate Apple Kid's phone call.