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After convincing the Magic Cake lady to make some Magic Cake for you, you go to Dalaam.

Go to the Mu Training Ground

Prince Poo's mentor tells him that it is time for him to complete his Mu training. Open the nearby chests. You can talk to the man with the phone on his head to call Ness's Dad and save the game.

Leave the palace, and make your way south through the village. Go into each house, and open any treasure chests that you find.

In the southeast part of Dalaam, you will find the Place of Emptiness where your mentor said to go. Talk to the Star Master, who is standing at the base of the rope. After he disappears, climb up the ropes and your Mu Training trial will begin.

A girl will tell you to return to the palace. However, this is part of the trial. After she is done speaking, don't touch any buttons. Soon, the world around you disappears. Say Yes to every question that you are asked.

Afterward, a man tells you that you have completed your Mu Training. This time, it is true, so go back to the palace and talk to your mentor. You will gain many levels, then will automatically Teleport to Summers.

Visit the Secret Upper Room of the Museum

Go into the museum and talk to the woman behind the counter. Pay to enter the museum. Go to the far left of the museum's main room and go up the stairs. Talk to the man at the door and agree to give him the gem. He will let you into the room. Go through the door.

A couple of Shattered Men will attack. They are weak to Freeze and Paralysis. You can probably avoid fighting the one on the right.

After you defeat one or both of the Shattered Men, check on the plaque on the front of the exhibit. You will learn more about Giygas, and you will also learn a pattern that is related to the sphinx. Poo will realize that you should go to the pyramid in Scaraba.

Leave the room, and the guard will give you a photo of the hieroglyphs. You can Use it in your inventory to read the hieroglyphs message whenever you wish.

Leave the Museum

Try to go outside. The phone at the museum front desk will be ringing. Check on it. Mr. Spoon of the Fourside museum will say that he has made an amazing discovery.

Go to the Fourside Museum

Teleport to Fourside and enter the museum. You should use Poo's Teleport β, which requires less space to make a running start.

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