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Monotoli Building

After you get words of wisdom and the Yogurt Machine from Talah Rama, you can give the machine to Electra.

Learn Teleport

After you are done in the Monkey Caves, leave the cave and talk to the monkey on the left. Then follow him down to the road near the drug store and talk to him. He will demonstrate Teleportation, and then you will try it. Then you will learn Teleport. Use Teleport to go to Winters. Go into the nearby shop and buy a T-Rex's Bat for Ness, and a Non-stick frypan for Paula. Then go outside and stand in front of the Shop and look to the left, and use Teleport to go back to Fourside.

Give Electra the Yogurt Machine

Go to the Monotoli Building and talk to Electra the maid outside. She takes the yogurt machine and tells you to visit her on the 48th floor.

What she does not tell you is that the 48th floor is full of sentry robots that will attack you on sight. Rust Promoters are effective against these metallic enemies. You can get them from the junk shop in the northeast part of Fourside. You might want to buy Bombs or Super Bombs from the arms dealer in the Fourside Department Store. If you didn't get the Neutralizer in the Monkey Caves, or if you left it with Escargo Express, you might want to get it now, and give it to Jeff.

When you are ready, go into the Monotoli Building and use the elevator to go up to the 47th floor. Then go across to the private elevator and talk to the elevator girl to go up to the 48th floor.

Fight the Robots

On the 48th floor, go through the door. A robot will approach and attack you. You can use physical attacks against it. If you are battling two robots at the same time, you might want to use PSI Rockin to make the battle shorter.

Then go left, past the bathrooms, and go into the first door after the bathrooms. You will reach a room with four desks. Go through the north door.

You will reach a room with two desks. If you want a Sudden Guts Pill, go through the north door to get it. Then come back to this room with two desks. Go through the door on the left.

You will be in a room with no desks, and two doors in the north wall. If you want a Vital Capsule, go through the leftmost door to get it, then return to this room. Go through the upper-right door.

From here, you can go through the north door if you want to get some Trout Yogurt from Electra.

Then go through the door on the left to encounter the Clumsy Robot.

Clumsy Robot

Don't use Big Bottle Rockets on the Clumsy Robot. They won't work. The biggest danger from the robot is its "fired a missile, making itself dizzy" attack. This hits Ness, Jeff, and whichever Teddy Bear is active (if you have any). Depending on your defense, the missile attack will do around 140 HP damage, so heal up if you have 140 or fewer HP.

Use all of the Super Bombs you have. You might also want to use the Bag of Dragonite from the Monkey Caves here.

Don't attack with PSI, because the robot starts with a PSI Shield α. You can use the Neutralizer to get rid of the shield, but PSI Rockin will often miss because of the robot's high speed.

The bologna sandwiches don't actually heal the robot's HP at all. The battle will end after you deal 926 HP of damage to the robot.

After the Battle

Afterward, you can talk to the Runaway Five. Then go through the door on the left to find Monotoli's office.

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