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After you defeat the alien in the department store, you go to Jackie's Café to look for clues about Monotoli's whereabouts.

Talk to People

In the Café, talk to the woman who is standing at the far right side of the room. She mentions a loud noise outside, so go outside.

Leave the Café

There is a big crowd outside. If you give something to the dirty kid on the right, he will move. You can give him anything. It doesn't have to be food. For example, you can go into the department store and buy a $2 Protractor for him.

After the dirty kid moves out of the way, talk to Everdred. He tells you to check behind the counter of Jackie's Café. After he is gone, go into the Café.

Check… Behind… the Counter…

In the café, go behind the counter and check the wall. (Instead of pressing L, press A to bring up the menu and choose "Check".) The world around you will change.

This place is called Moonside. If you talk to people here, you learn that yes means no and no means yes. So whenever anyone asks you a question that you have to respond to with yes or no, be sure to pick the answer that you DON'T want.

The moving flame in the café is an enemy. The Robo-Pump will throw a bomb at you after it counts down to 0, so try to kill it quickly.

Outside, there are various people that you can talk to. Some of them are blond men wearing sunglasses and beach shirts. If you talk to them, they will warp you to a different area of Moonside. This is the only way to reach all of the areas of Moonside.

Talk to the warp man south of the Café to reach an area with a Protein Drink.

Go to the northeast corner of Moonside and open the gift box there to get a Double Burger.

Talk to the Sailor

Then go to the right side of the Monotoli building and talk to the sailor. He wants to meet a man with connected eyebrows and a gold tooth.

After you speak to the sailor, the warp men will warp you to different areas from before.

Find the Man with Connected Eyebrows and a Gold Tooth

Talk to a warp man and you will be sent to the southwest corner, where you can open the gift box to get a Night Pendant. Be sure to equip it on Ness or Jeff.

Then talk to the nearby warp man to be sent to the southeast part of town. Open the gift box there to get a Handbag Strap.

Then talk to the warp man here to be sent to the west part of town. Open the chest to get a Secret Herb. Then talk to the man wearing glasses, and say "No" when he says "Shall I?"

You will be sent to a room with no doors. There is a guy here who looks like Mr. T. If you look closely, you will also notice a shadowy figure walking around in the room. Talk to the shadow, then talk to Mr. T and he will warp you to the hotel.

As you leave the hotel, you find out that the shadow man is following you. Now he is completely invisible. As you walk around, you will find out that he is the man with connected eyebrows and a gold tooth.

Go talk to the sailor on the right side of the Monotoli Building, and he will leave with the invisible man.

Now you can go to the front of the Monotoli Building. Talk to Monotoli, and he will disappear. Get ready for a boss battle. Make sure that Ness or Jeff has the Night Pendant equipped (if you don't have it, talk to the warp men until you find the gift box that contains it).

When you are ready, talk to Monotoli in front of the Monotoli Building if you haven't already, then check on the statue to start the boss battle.

Evil Mani-Mani

The Mani-Mani Statue can use Flash β (called "glorious light" in this battle), which has a small chance of instantly killing whomever the statue cast it on. The statue can also "emit a green light", which removes all shields and any temporary stat changes that have occurred in the battle. It also has the PSI Magnet ability, so have Ness use PSI attacks early on before the statue can drain all of Ness's PP. But if you don't have any healing foods with you, you might want to conserve Ness's PP for healing.

Have Jeff use Big Bottle Rockets on the statue. Ness can use his strongest PSI Rockin, but there is a chance that it will miss.

After you destroy the statue, you will be back in Jackie's Café. Leave the storeroom, and you will get a call from Apple Kid. Then go outside.

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