Jeff Comes to the Rescue in Threed

After hearing Paula's cry for help, Jeff goes south and uses the Sky Runner to reach Threed.

A slightly singed Jeff emerges from the Sky Runner in Ness and Paula's jail cell.

Leave the Dungeon

The Sky Runner will crash in Ness and Paula's dungeon cell. Jeff joins you. Use Jeff's Bad Key Machine to unlock the door. Go up the ladder and climb out.

Learn about the Fly Honey

Go to the drug store and get better equipment for Jeff. You can also talk to the army guy behind the pizza place to get items for Jeff. Also, give Jeff the Broken Machine that you found in Apple Kid's place.

Now go into the tent in the center of town. After talking to people there, go to the southern part of town and talk to the dirty kid near the sign. He says that he put fly honey in the tent to the south.

Defeat Boogey Tent and get the Fly Honey

Go to the southern tent. Approach the tent entrance, and it will attack.

Boogey Tent is weak to fire. It can cast PSI Flash α, which can make you cry uncontrollably or feel strange. If Ness has Healing β, he can fix those conditions, or if you have a recovery item (Cup of Lifenoodles, Horn of Life, Refreshing Herb, Secret Herb), you can use it to cure those conditions.

The Boogey Tent can attack, increase its defense, use a Neutralizer, and spit Fly Honey to immobilize someone for a turn.

Have Jeff use Bottle Rockets on the tent if you have any.

After you defeat the tent, some zombies will run away from the trash can that they were guarding. Check on it to get the Jar of Fly Honey.