Jeff's Repairs List

A list of broken items that Jeff can repair, and the required IQ to repair it.

That genius Jeff should be able to fix it sometime.

How to Have Jeff Repair Items

Throughout the game, you can find broken items, starting with the Broken Machine found in the trash can in Apple Kid's house in Twoson. Once you meet Jeff in the course of the story, you can put broken items into Jeff's inventory. Then, whenever you sleep in a hotel (or some other place where you can sleep), there is a chance that Jeff will repair one of the broken items, if his IQ is high enough to repair that item. If this happens, you will see a message that says which item he repaired. The table below lists the required IQ to repair each item.

Required IQ to Repair Items

Broken ItemRepaired ItemWhat it DoesWhere to AcquireRequired IQ
Broken Machine Counter-PSI Unit Inflicts "can't concentrate" on the enemy, temporarily preventing them from using PSI attacks. Apple Kid's House 1
Broken Spray Can Defense Spray Increases defense Shops 1
Broken Iron Slime Generator Immobilizes an enemy for one turn Shops 10
Broken Air Gun Magnum Air Gun A weapon for Jeff A locker in Snow Wood Boarding School 12
Broken Laser Laser Gun A weapon for Jeff Belch's Factory 24
Broken Pipe Shield Killer Removes an enemy's shield Andonuts's Lab 30
Broken Cannon Spectrum Beam A weapon for Jeff Scaraba Bazaar 32
Broken Gadget Double Beam A weapon for Jeff Fourside Junk Shop 34
Broken Tube Hungry HP-Sucker Drains HP from an enemy, restoring some of Jeff's HP Monkey Caves 36
Broken Trumpet Defense Shower Increases defense of all allies Stonehenge Base 40
Broken Bazooka Heavy Bazooka Has the same effect as a Super Bomb, but is reusable Fourside Sewer 45
Broken Harmonica Baddest Beam A weapon for Jeff Stonehenge Base 55
Broken Antenna Gaia Beam A weapon for Jeff Has a 1/128 chance of dropping from Uncontrollable Spheres in Lumine Hall 65