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Pink Cloud

After you reach Magnet Hill in Fourside, you get the Carrot Key and can access a new location in Dalaam.


Enemies in the next area can use Lightning attacks, so get the Franklin Badge from Escargo Express if you don't have it with you.

As always, get Super Bombs and Big Bottle Rockets, and buy some Teddy Bears.

Get Pictures Taken

Now that Poo has joined you, you can approach the Dalaam palace to make the Photo Man take your picture. You can sit in the Dalaam throne to make the Photo Man take another picture.

Remove the Rabbit Statues

Teleport to Dalaam and use the Carrot Key on the rabbit statues in the southwest area. They will disappear and you can enter the cave.

Pink Cloud

There is an armor item for Poo in this cave. He normally can't equip anything, but the armor in this cave is the only Arm equipment that Poo can actually equip. You can either get it after you defeat the boss, or you can get it first. If you get it first, you might want to leave the cave to heal up afterward.

To get it first, go left from the entrance and go through the door, then climb down the rope. Go left from there and open the treasure chest to get the Bracer of Kings.

From the entrance of the cave, go up the rope near the entrance, and go up the next rope. Then go to the left and fall down the hole. Open the gift box nearby to get a Sudden Guts Pill, then go to the left. Ignore the hole, and go to the hole all the way on the left side of the room. Fall down it. Open the gift box here to get Rock Candy, then fall down the hole. Go to the left. Give Poo the Franklin Badge if he doesn't have it already. Equip the Night Pendant on whichever character you want to protect from Flash. Then talk to the sparkle to battle this Your Sanctuary boss, Thunder and Storm.

Thunder and Storm

Flash is highly effective on this boss, so use it often. Have Paula put a PSI Shield around everybody if possible. If Thunder and Storm take a deep breath, heal everyone up, because they will summon a storm on the next turn. This has the same effect as Flash, which has a chance of instantly killing the target, or inflicting status ailments.


After you defeat the boss, go through the door to find Pink Cloud and get another Sound Stone Melody. Then go back into the cave. If you did not get the Bracer of Kings earlier, go to the right and fall down the hole and open the gift box there to get the Bracer of Kings. Then go to the right and climb up the ropes, then go through the door, then go to the right to leave the cave.

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