Cave of the Past

After Dr. Andonuts completes the Phase Distorter III, you are sent to Giygas's location in the past.

The Phase Distorter 3 arrives in the Cave of the Past.

Go to Giygas

Do not save the game in the past. If you do, you will not be able to explore later.

Enemies that you will encounter in this area are:

Go southwest from the Phase Distorter. The path through the cave is straightforward, but full of dangerous monsters. Defeat Nuclear Reactor Robots last, and have Poo use Mirror on it when other enemies are gone, so Poo can heal everyone up for free. Defeat Final Starmen first (but don't use PSI until Jeff Neutralizes their PSI Shield) since they can use PSI Starstorm Ω and can revive fallen enemies. You may need to use Ness's Lifeup Ω, which restores everyone's HP by a large amount, whenever hit by Starstorm, and use Paula's PSI Shield Σ or PSI Shield Ω to block these attacks.

Open the gift box along the way to get the Legendary Bat. When you find large metallic orbs, touch them to be transported to the next area.

There are a couple of Magic Butterfly areas in the cave. One is next to a hole in the ground, and the other is after the first metallic orb.

Northern Cave

After the second metallic orb, go north to find a cave. Go inside. Walk north on the machine. At the top, you find Giygas.