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Stonehenge Base

While in the Tenda Village, you get a call from Apple Kid, and then you hear him get kidnapped. You go to Winters to investigate.


Before you go to Winters, you might want to get some Teddy Bears, as well as some Multi bottle rockets for Jeff.

Go to Dr. Andonuts's Lab

When you Teleport in to Winters, you find Maxwell, who says Tony is missing, too. If you didn't erase the Pencil Statue here in Winters earlier, call Escargo Express and ask them to send you the Pencil Eraser.

Go south toward Dr. Andonuts's Lab, fighting aliens along the way. In the Tessie Watchers' area, talk to the Bubble Monkey to go across Lake Tess.

If you have the Pencil Eraser, or if you already erased the pencil statue, you can avoid Brick Road's maze. If not, just go through the maze.

Then go south, and go through the Rainy Circle cave. You can visit Rainy Circle again to get healed up.

Outside, go south to the lab. In the lab, talk to Apple Kid's mouse to get the Eraser Eraser. You can buy supplies from the friendly Cave Boy. The Secret Herb is probably the most useful of these, because it has a chance of reviving unconscious allies.

About the Sword of Kings

There are golden Starman Supers in the next dungeon, and they have a 1/128 chance of dropping a Sword of Kings, which is the only weapon Poo can equip. Keep in mind that these enemies will disappear forever after you defeat the boss of the dungeon.

Because of the rarity of the item, it could take an hour or two before you get one, so don't bother with it if you don't feel like it.

Make sure Jeff has a free space in his inventory. If you use Jeff's Spy command on a Starman Super who is carrying a Sword of Kings, Jeff will take it, but only if he has a free space in his inventory. If his inventory is full, and he spies on a Starman Super who is carrying a Sword of Kings, the Spy command will not tell you that the Starman Super is carrying anything.

Stonehenge Base

You might want to have nine or ten spaces free in your inventory if you want to collect all of the treasure in the next area.

Go north from Dr. Andonuts's Lab. There is a brown spot in the middle of Stonehenge. If you approach that brown spot from below, the Photo Man will take your picture. Then step on the brown spot to go down the secret ladder. In the next room, walk up to the eraser statue and use Eraser Eraser to get rid of it.

Go south from there and follow the path to the next room. Follow the path, then go east when you can. Go into the door that you find there. Go south to find a gift box that contains Spicy Jerky. Go east from there to the next room.

If you want a Guts Capsule, go east and then north to find a gift box that contains one. Then go south, then southwest when you can. Go south into the narrow path and follow the path to reach the next room.

Follow the path from there, and go north when you can if you want a Cup of Lifenoodles. From the Cup of Lifenoodles, follow the path, and go east when you can. Keep going east to reach the next room.

Warehouse Area

This is the area where you have a chance of encountering Starman Supers, who have a 1/128 chance of dropping the Sword of Kings, which is the only weapon that Poo can equip.

Go east to find a gift box that contains a Broken Harmonica. You can go back and forth from here to the door if you want to try to get the Sword of Kings. Just remember to keep at least one space free in Jeff's inventory. You might also want to equip the Casey Bat so you can get an instant win against Starman Super if you encounter it alone.

If you are ready to move on, go to the left side of the room and go down the ladder to the south. From there, follow the path east and open the gift box to get a PSI Caramel. Keep going east from there to find another ladder. Go down it, then go down a short ladder below that, and go east through the door.

Get an Exit Mouse if you want, then go east to the next room.

In this dark area, go east to get a Broken Trumpet. Then go back toward the door, and go northwest when you can. Keep going northwest, then follow the path and go east while staying above the fence. You will find a Speed Capsule.

Go west from there, and go southwest past the fence. Open the gift box to get a Pixie's Bracelet. Then go east to find the door. Keep going east to find the boss of the dungeon.

Starman Deluxe

Starman Deluxe has 1400 HP. Use a Multi bottle rocket if you have one, and the battle will end quickly.

Otherwise, use PSI Shield Ω if you have it, because it will deflect the Starman Deluxe's PSI Starstorm α.

Don't use PSI attacks until you have used Jeff's Neutralizer or Shield killer, because Starman Deluxe starts with a PSI Shield β. The Starman Deluxe can also cast PSI Shield β again during battle, so be careful.

Don't use PSI Flash on Starman Deluxe, because it doesn't affect him.


After you defeat the Starman Deluxe, Stonehenge Base permanently shuts down. Go to the previous room to talk to Apple Kid and the others. Be sure to talk to Mr. Saturn to get a Saturn Ribbon. Apple Kid says that he returned the shyness book to the Onett library.

If you have an Exit Mouse, use it to leave the base. Otherwise, just walk back through the base to the Exit Mouse room and get one, then use it. There are no monsters here anymore, so you won't be attacked on the way.

After you leave Stonehenge Base, you should teleport to Onett.

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