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Lumber Maker

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Lumber Maker

Item Category Installations > Makers
Description This contraption automatically converts logs into lumber. Insert some logs, wait a little bit, and voilà! Up to 20 can be set at a time.
Skill Required to Obtain Crafting Recipe Logging Lv. 2
Required Materials
Products Made By This Maker
Input(s)Output(s)Processing time
Log x3 Lumber x1 2 hour(s)
Solid Log x3 Solid Lumber x1 4 hour(s)
Supple Log x3 Supple Lumber x1 6 hour(s)
Durable Log x3 Durable Lumber x1 8 hour(s)
Mirage Log x3 Mirage Lumber x1 10 hour(s)
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