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Jewel Maker

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Jewel Maker

Item Category Installations > Makers
Description This contraption automatically converts raw gems into jewels. Insert a raw gem, wait a little bit, and voilà! Up to 20 can be set at a time.
Skill Required to Obtain Crafting Recipe Mining Lv. 6
Required Materials
Products Made By This Maker
Input(s)Output(s)Processing time
Raw White Opal x1 White Opal x1 23 hour(s)
Raw Red Beryl x1 Red Beryl x1 23 hour(s)
Raw Ruby x1 Ruby x1 23 hour(s)
Raw Sapphire x1 Sapphire x1 23 hour(s)
Raw Emerald x1 Emerald x1 23 hour(s)
Raw Diamond x1 Diamond x1 23 hour(s)
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