Starman Deluxe

Starman Deluxe Strategy

Starman Deluxe starts with a PSI Shield β. This means that any PSI attacks that you use on it will bounce back and hit you.

Starman Deluxe is weak to fire. Flash doesn't work on it.

Starman Deluxe can use PSI Starstorm, which deals quite a bit of damage to everybody. Otherwise, it can hit an ally with a beam, and it can call for help, bringing Starman or Starman Super into battle.

Also, Starman Deluxe can put up a PSI Shield β during the battle, so beware. Rather than using the Neutralizer during battle, just have Paula protect everyone with PSI Shield Σ. That way, the bouncebacks from any shields that the Starman Deluxe might set up will not hurt you.

If Starman Deluxe does put up another shield, you might not want to bother with PSI attacks anymore, instead using normal attacks and Jeff's weapons.

Any Starmen that the Starman Deluxe called into battle will die when Starman Deluxe dies.

Starman Deluxe's Stats
Starts With:PSI Shield β
Where it appears:Stonehenge Base
Starman Deluxe's Resistances
PSI Fire:75% effective
PSI Freeze:50% effective
PSI Flash:0% effective
Paralysis:10% effective
Brainshock:50% effective
Sleep:10% effective
Mirror:0% effective
Additional Starman Deluxe Attributes
SMAAAASH! Probability8.6%
Run away probabilityCan't run
Instant win against Starman Deluxenot possible
Probability that attack will miss0%