Everdred Strategy

Everdred is an optional fight. Keep your HP really high (try at least 50 to be safe) for this fight, because Everdred has some highly damaging attacks. It might be good to bring a Teddy Bear with you, because not only is Everdred kind of tough, but he sometimes tries to steal food from you. So I recommend not bringing anything valuable with you. You can call Escargo Express to store your food or other items with them. If you have a Teddy Bear with you, Everdred might try to steal from the Teddy Bear instead of you, which helps protect your belongings.

Three PSI Rockin alphas should be enough to defeat Everdred, although if you're unlucky, Everdred will attack on every turn, and that might be enough to inflict mortal damage on you. I was lucky one time and Ness managed to cast PSI Rockin before his HP went to 0, so he was sitting at 0 while he cast PSI Rockin, and this was enough to defeat Everdred, so Ness survived with 1 HP. So try that strategy at your own risk.

Otherwise, just attack away, using PSI Rockin alpha if possible, while keeping your HP up.

The lowest level that you should attempt Everdred at is 8, but it will be tough at that level. At least level 9 is recommended. And don't go into this battle without the Copper Bracelet equipped.

After your victory over Everdred, he will tell you to look for Paula in Peaceful Rest Valley.

Everdred's Stats
Starts With:Normal
Where it appears:Twoson
Everdred's Resistances
PSI Fire:75% effective
PSI Freeze:75% effective
PSI Flash:50% effective
Paralysis:50% effective
Brainshock:10% effective
Sleep:50% effective
Mirror:0% effective
Additional Everdred Attributes
SMAAAASH! Probability5%
Run away probabilityCan't run
Instant win occurs if weakest character's offense is greater than217
Probability that attack will miss6.25%