Tukarok Shrine

South of Wetland Stable in the Lanayru Wetlands, you find Tukarok Shrine.

South of Wetland Stable in the Lanayru Wetlands, you find Tukarok Shrine.

Shrine Location

Tukarok Shrine is located at 0915, -0250, 0034, south of the Wetland Stable in Lanayru Wetlands.

Forward Force

As you go through the shrine, you pass a couple of closed gates. Eventually, you find a ladder going down. Go down below and you find a cart, and a large orb. Notice that each wheel has an arrow on the side that points toward the part of the room with lava on it.

Attach the orb to the top of the cart, then stand on the cart and hit one of the wheels. This will activate all of them, and the cart will go forward. When the cart hits the other side, hit a wheel to stop them from spinning, and jump onto the ledge.

Detach the orb and take it to the area at the top of the stairs. Attach the orb to the top of the stone cube that is attached to a rail in the wall. Then pick up the wheel from the floor and attach the axle of the wheel to the side of the cube so that its arrow is pointing toward the far ledge. Next, pick up the narrow stone slab and attach it to the other side of the wheel's axle, so that the slab is parallel to the ground and the axle is attached to the center of the slab's thin side. Now hit the wheel with an arrow, and pick up the arrow. The stone slab will rotate like a steamboat wheel and push on the slanted structures that come up from the ground. This will push the cube up the rail.

In the next area, there is a treasure chest in the water. Use Ultrahand to pull it up. Open it to get a Strong Zonaite Sword.

Attach the orb to the top of the raft in the water. The wheels won't be able to push the raft by themselves, so take one of the narrow wooden boards and attach it to the side of a wheel so that the wooden board is parallel to the ground, much like you did with the narrow stone slab in the previous area. Do the same with the other wheel. Then stand on the raft and hit a wheel, and the wooden boards will push the raft like a steamboat. Remove the orb before you deactivate the wheels, or the raft will be pushed back by the flowing water.

Step on the switch to open the bars, then take the orb to the floor switch in the other room to open the end of the shrine. Check on the glowing object to receive a Light of Blessing.