Tree Stump Guide

When you chop down a tree, the usual pattern on the stump is a bulls-eye. However, sometimes the tree stump will have an unusual pattern on it. If this happens, mushrooms can grow around the tree stump. Some mushrooms are very valuable.

Finding Unusual Stump Patterns

To find unusual patterns on tree stumps, simply chop down trees. The bulls-eye pattern is the most common pattern. Anything other than the bulls-eye pattern is special. Mushrooms can grow around special tree stumps year round.

Special Tree Stump Patterns

The following is a list of all of the special patterns that can be found on tree stumps.

Patterns on non-pine, non-beach tree stumps

  • Butterfly
  • Citrus fruit cross-section
  • Ginko Leaf (Crazy Redd's Logo)
  • Heart
  • Triforce
  • X

Patterns on Pine Tree Stumps

  • Animal Crossing logo (leaf)
  • Cat face
  • Clover (very rare)
  • Flower
  • Musical Note (very rare)
  • Star

Finding Mushrooms

If you find any unusual tree stumps, be sure to check around them each day. A mushroom may appear near the stump. Some mushrooms are very valuable. You can also eat mushrooms. Some of them have different effects on your character.

List of Mushrooms

  • Flat Mushroom - 200 Bells
  • Round Mushroom - 200 Bells
  • Skinny Mushroom - 300 Bells
  • Elegant Mushroom - 10,000 Bells
  • Famous Mushroom - 16,000 Bells
  • Rare Mushroom* - 16,000 Bells

The Rare Mushroom

You can only find rare mushrooms near your tree stumps if you have a perfect town. Rare mushrooms will be buried underground near the tree stump, rather than sitting on the ground like other types of mushrooms.

Finding Bugs

Two types of bugs can only be found on tree stumps: the Longhorn beetle and the Violin beetle. To catch those bugs, make sure you have a tree stump somewhere in your town. Check the list of bugs, fish, and deep sea creatures for more information about these bugs.