Taking out the Trash

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you might find trash items while fishing or when growing harvesting from perfect fruit trees. This page explains how to get rid of it.

Finding Trash

There are certain items that Reese will not pay you for if you try to sell them to her. Instead, she will require you to give her bells for the recycling fee. These items are trash items. They include trash that you find while fishing, as well as fake paintings. A few other items are also trash items. You should use a trash can to throw them away so you can get rid of them for free.

List of Trash Items

The following is a partial list of trash items that Reese will require you to pay for disposal.

  • Fake Paintings
  • Soda Can
  • Paper Bag
  • Rotten Turnip
  • Tire
  • Boot

Trash cans

You can use trash cans in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Just check on the trash can, then tap the items that you want to throw away. Tap the Confirm button to throw the items away. Be careful! Once something is thrown away, you can't get it back! Some items, like golden tools, can't be thrown away.

Buy a Trashcan

You can find a variety of trash cans in the Nooklings' shop. Keep checking back each day to find a trash can for your house.

Add a Trashcan to your Town

You can unlock a trash can in the list of public work projects if a Normal female villager requests it. Build it in your town and you can use it to throw away trash items. However, be aware that having a trash can in your town reduces citizen satisfaction.