Saharah is a special visitor who can appear in your town on a random day except Sunday. You can pay Saharah to replace the wallpaper and carpet in the main room of your house.

When Saharah is in Your Town

You may find Saharah wandering around your town on a random day except Sunday. If in town, Saharah will be there from 6AM to Midnight. If you have a police station, you can find out from Booker or Copper that Saharah is in your town.

Getting New Wallpaper and Carpet

Talk to Saharah and agree to pay 3000 bells for Saharah to install new wallpaper and carpet in your main room. Saharah will start following you. Go into your house.

Once you and Saharah are in your house, you will hand over the 3000 bells and leave the house. After hearing sounds of drums and crashing, Saharah will come out of your house and hand you the wallpaper and carpet that used to be in your main room. Go inside your house to see what new wallpaper and carpet Saharah has installed. Your previous wallpaper and carpet will be in your inventory.

List of Saharah-Exclusive Wallpapers and Carpets

The following is a list of the wallpapers and carpets that you can only get from Saharah. Saharah may sometimes give you non-exclusive wallpapers and carpets.

Saharah-Exclusive Wallpapers

  • Ancient Wall
  • Backgammon Wall
  • Basement Wall
  • Bathhouse Wall
  • Blue Tarp
  • Chainlink Fence
  • Classroom Wall
  • Concrete Wall
  • Desert Vista
  • Garden Wall
  • Lunar Horizon
  • Maple Wall
  • Meadow Vista
  • Mortar Wall
  • Music-Room Wall
  • Office Wall
  • Ringside Seating
  • Sandlot
  • Shoji Screen
  • Skyscraper Wall
  • Spaceship Wall
  • Sporty Wall
  • Summit Wall
  • Tree-Lined Wall
  • Western Vista

Saharah-Exclusive Carpets

  • Ancient Tile
  • Basement Floor
  • Bath Tile
  • Boxing Ring Mat
  • Chessboard Rug
  • Classroom Floor
  • Closed Road
  • Concrete Floor
  • Daisy Meadow
  • Lunar Surface
  • Maple Floor
  • Mossy Carpet
  • Music-Room Floor
  • Office Flooring
  • Saharah's Desert
  • Sand Garden
  • Sidewalk
  • Spaceship Floor
  • Sporty Floor
  • Tatami
  • Western Desert