Club Tortimer

Club Tortimer lets you visit the resort island with other players over the Internet. This page explains the details.

What is Club Tortimer?

Club Tortimer is an exclusive club that gives you access to online features on the resort island. A Club Tortimer membership allows you to visit an online version of the island where you can join other players over the Internet and find exclusive Club Tortimer items in the souvenir shop.

How to Join Club Tortimer

When you visit the resort island, Grams sometimes sells a membership to Club Tortimer for 50 medals. Her selection changes every day, so check back each day until she sells the membership. Be sure to go on island tours to earn the medals so you can buy the membership!

How to Visit the Club Tortimer island

After you purchase a Club Tortimer membership, you can tell Kapp'n that you want to go to the Club Tortimer island. After the boat ride, you will be on the island with at least one random player from the Internet. You can use the chat feature to talk to the other players. You can go through the south exit of the island house to catch bugs and fish with the other players, or you can go on island tours with the other players and compete to win medals.

How to Get Exclusive Club Tortimer Items

You can get exclusive Club Tortimer items simply by visiting the Club Tortimer island. Check the souvenir shop there to find exclusive items available only through Club Tortimer!