Snow People

Between December 11 and February 24, there will be two snowballs in your town each day. You can use them to build one new snowperson in your town each day. Depending on the size of the snowballs, you can build Snowman, Snowmam, Snowboy, and Snowtyke. You can receive special items from them.

Building Snow People

You can find two snowballs in your town each day between December 11 and February 14. Each one will be in a random location in your town.

Rolling and Shaping Snowballs

Roll a snowball on snow to make it bigger, or roll the snowball on dirt or stone to make it smaller. Small snowballs must be kicked around, but when a snowball is larger, it can be slowly pushed by hand.

Broken Snowballs

Be careful! If you push the snowball into water, push it against a wall, or drop it off of a cliff, it will break! If you break a snowball, go into a building and then go back outside. There will be a new snowball in a random location in your town.

Putting the Snowballs Together

A snow person is made of two snowballs. Each snowball has to be big enough that you are no longer kicking it when you move it around. If the snowball is too small, you need to make it bigger before you can use it to build a snow person.

To create a snow person, just push one snowball toward another. If both snowballs are big enough, the snowball that you are pushing will jump up on top of the other one, creating a snow person.

Different Types of Snow People

There are several different types of snow people: Snowman, Snowmam, Snowboy, and Snowtyke. Each type gives you different items.

Snowball Sizes

The type of snow person that you create depends on the size of the snowball on the bottom. Here is a list that describes the snowball sizes and the resulting snow people:

  • Biggest snowball (just above your ear level): Snowman (wears a top hat)
  • Large snowball (your ear level): Snowboy (has a triangular nose and black eyes)
  • Medium snowball (just above your chin level): Snowmam (has eyelashes)
  • Small snowball (below your chin level): Snowtyke (has a round nose)

Well-balanced Snow People

To make a good quality snow person, the snowball that you push on top should be just slightly smaller than the base snowball. If the top snowball is bigger or a lot smaller than the base snowball, the resulting snow person might not give you any gifts, or might have different requirements for the gifts.

Snow People Gifts

The four different types of snowpeople can give you gifts. The following sections explain how to get gifts from the different snowpeople.


The Snowman is made with a very large snowball as the base. He wears a top hat.

If you don't have a bingo card, talk to a Snowman to receive one. Keep in mind that the bingo card can't be dropped or thrown away. Then talk to a Snowman to get a new number on your bingo card. Each Snowman will give you one number per day. You can build multiple Snowmen in your town to get more bingo numbers per day. You can also get bingo numbers from Snowmen in other towns.

If you get five numbers in a line, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the Snowman will give you a prize and take away the bingo card. You can get a new one the next day. Here is a list of gifts that the Snowman can give you:

  • Bobsled
  • Curling stone
  • Lift chair
  • Ski rack
  • Slalom gate
  • Snow machine
  • Snowboard
  • Snowmobile
  • Ski-slope floor
  • Ski-slope wall


The Snowboy is made with a large snowball as the base. He has black eyes and a triangular nose.

If you build a well-balanced Snowboy (i.e. if the top ball is slightly smaller than the base), the Snowboy will send you a letter in the mail the next day. There will be a piece of Snowman furniture or a Snowman or Snowman hat attached.

  • Snowman
  • Snowman Bed
  • Snowman Carpet
  • Snowman Chair
  • Snowman Clock
  • Snowman Dresser
  • Snowman Fridge
  • Snowman Head
  • Snowman Lamp
  • Snowman Sofa
  • Snowman Table
  • Snowman TV
  • Snowman Vanity
  • Snowman Wardrobe
  • Snowman Wall


The Snowmam is created with a medium snowball as the base. She has eyelashes and her hair in a bun.

The Snowmam will ask you to bring her snowflakes. She will ask for fewer snowflakes if she is well-balanced (i.e. if the top ball is slightly smaller than the base). When you have a Snowmam in your town, there will be snowflakes floating around in your town even if it is not snowing. Catch them with your bug net. Give Snowmam the requested number of snowflakes to receive a piece of ice furniture:

  • Ice Bed
  • Ice Chair
  • Ice Clock
  • Ice Closet
  • Ice Dresser
  • Ice Floor
  • Ice Lamp
  • Ice Shelf
  • Ice Side Table
  • Ice Sofa
  • Ice Table
  • Ice Vanity
  • Ice Wall


The Snowtyke is created with a small snowball as the base. The Snowtyke has a round nose.

To get gifts from Snowtyke, you have to have all four types of snow people in your town, and Snowtyke needs to be well-balanced (i.e. the top ball needs to be slightly smaller than the base). Depending on how well-balanced the other snow people are, Snowtyke will give you one of the following gifts in a letter the next day:

Number of well-balanced snowpeopleSnowtyke gift
The other three types of snowpeople are all well-balanced Snowman Matryoshka
Two of the other three types of snowpeople are well-balanced Snow bunny
One of the other three types of snowpeople are well-balanced Small igloo
Only the Snowtyke is well-balanced Sleigh


Snowpeople melt a little bit each day, even if it snows. A snowperson will disappear four days after it was created.