House Expansions and Remodels

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can choose where to build your home. You start in a tent, but Tom Nook remodels it to be a house. After you pay him off, you can add a basement, second floor, and rooms to the left, right, and back. You can also make your rooms bigger, and you can change the appearance of the exterior of your house.

Adding Floors and Making Bigger Rooms

After you pay off your loan to Tom Nook, you can talk to him in the Tom Nook Housing office in the north part of town. He gives you the option to add new rooms or expand existing ones. When you ask him to build a new room or expand one, he starts a new loan that you have to pay off before you can do any more remodeling. These are the rooms you can add:

Basement428000 bells
Second Floor298000 bells
Left Room348000 bells
Right Room348000 bells
Back Room348000 bells

You can also expand existing rooms. The maximum size is 8x8.

Expand main room to 6x698000
Expand main room to 8x8198000
Expand other rooms to 6x6498000
Expand other rooms to 8x8598000

Remodeling the Exterior of your House

In the Tom Nook Housing office in the north part of town, there are remodeling displays. You can change the following exterior parts of your house:

  • Roof
  • Door
  • Fence
  • Chimney
  • Siding
  • Tiles
  • Mailbox
  • Architectural Style (see below)

List of Architectural Styles

Mansion (default)198000
Modern House398000
Zen Castle398000

List of Exterior Parts

NameTypeCostInterior Themes
aoi renga no shikiishi Blue Brick Pavement 2800 none
arai ishidatami Rough Stone Paving 2800 none
irotoridori na tamajari Multicolored Gravel 2800 none
koishi no ishidatami Pebble Paving 2800 none
konkurito na shikiishi Concrete Pavement 2800 none
shikakui ishidatami Square Paving 2800 none
chairoi shikiishi Brown Pavement 2800 none
pinku no shikiishi Pink Pavement 2800 none
renga no shikiishi Brick Pavement 2800 none
aoi dekoboko yane Blue Rough Roof 5200 Antique/Harmonious
aoi modan n yane Blue Modern Roof 5200 Harmonious
aoi yane Blue Roof 5200 Toy Shop
akai yane Red Roof 5200 Rustic/Toy Shop
iwa no yane Disorder Roof 5200 Antique/Quirky/Rustic
usu murasaki no yane Light Purple Roof 5200 Fairy Tale
ougon no yane Golden Roof 0 Antique/Toy Shop
okashi no yane Sweets Roof 5200 Fairy Tale
orenji no warabuki yane Orange Thatch Roof 5200 Harmonious/Rustic
karafuru na yane Kiddie Roof 5200 Toy Shop
kantori na yane Ranch Roof 5200 Harmonious
kiiroi yane Yellow Roof 5200 Toy Shop
kinmirai no yane Near Future Roof 5200 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
kusa no yane Grass Roof 5200 Harmonious/Rustic
gure no modan na yane Gray Modern Roof 5200 Sci-Fi/Trendy
kuroi dekoboko yane Black Rough Roof 5200 Antique/Harmonious/Quirky
kuroi modan na yane Black Modern Roof 5200 Sci-Fi/Trendy
kuroi yane Black Roof 5200 Quirky
kuroi yanegawara Black Tile Roof 5200 Quirky/Rustic
kuroi warabuki yane Black Thatch Roof 5200 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic
konkurito no yane Concrete Roof 5200 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
shiroi yane White Roof 5200 none
chairoi yane Brown Roof 5200 Rustic
totan yane Galvanized Sheet Iron Roof 5200 Quirky/Sci-Fi
pinku no yane Pink Roof 5200 Fairy Tale
fuzoroi na ishi no yane Uneven Stone Roof 5200 Antique/Quirky/Rustic
mamaido na yane Mermaid Roof 5200 Fairy Tale
midori no meruhen na yane Green Fairytale Roof 5200 Fairy Tale
midori no modan na yane Green Modern Roof 5200 Sci-Fi/Trendy
midori no yane Green Roof 5200 Toy Shop
midori no yanegawara Green Tile Roof 5200 Rustic
murasaki no dekoboko yane Purple Rough Roof 5200 Antique/Harmonious
murasaki no yane Purple Roof 5200 none
meruhen na yane Fairytale Roof 5200 Fairy Tale
yamabukiiro no yane Bright Golden Yellow Roof 5200 none
ajia na kabe Asian Wall 5600 Rustic
arabu na kabe Arab Wall 5600 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
ishi no kabe Stone Wall 5600 none
iwa to tsuchi no kabe Rock and Earth Wall 5600 Quirky
iwa no kabe Rock Wall 5600 Antique/Quirky
ougon na kabe Golden Wall 0 Antique/Toy Shop/Trendy
okashi no kabe Sweets Wall 5600 Fairy Tale
orenji no kabe Orange Wall 5600 Rustic/Trendy
karafuru na kabe2 Kiddie Wall 5600 Toy Shop
kiiroi ita kabe Yellow Plank Wall 5600 Harmonious/Rustic
kiwaku no kabe Wooden Frame Wall 5600 Antique/Harmonious
kinmirai no kabe Near Future Wall 5600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
kuroi ita kabe Black Plank Wall 5600 Harmonious/Quirky/Trendy
konkurito no kabe Concrete Wall 5600 Sci-Fi/Trendy
shiroi ita kabe White Plank Wall 5600 Harmonious/Rustic
shiroi renga no kabe White Brick Wall 5600 Trendy
tate ita no kabe Vertical Plank Wall 5600 Harmonious/Rustic
chairoi renga no kabe Brown Brick Wall 5600 Antique/Trendy
chokusenteki na kabe Linear Wall 5600 Sci-Fi/Trendy
tsuchi no kabe Earth Wall 5600 Antique
totan no kabe Galvanized Sheet Iron Wall 5600 Quirky/Sci-Fi
hanagara no kabe Flower Wall 5600 Fairy Tale
pinku no kabe Pink Wall 5600 Fairy Tale/Trendy
pinku no kiwaku no kabe Pink Wooden Frame Wall 5600 Fairy Tale
mameido no kabe Mermaid Wall 5600 Fairy Tale
mizuiro no kabe Aqua Wall 5600 Rustic/Trendy
meruhen na kabe Fairytale Wall 5600 Fairy Tale
rizoto na kabe2 Cabana Wall 5600 Harmonious/Rustic
renga no kabe Brick Wall 5600 Trendy
roiyaru na kabe Regal Wall 5600 Antique/Fairy Tale
rogu hausu no kabe2 Cabin Wall 5600 Harmonious
wafuu na kabe Japanese-style Wall 5600 Rustic
aoi saku Blue Fence 3500 Toy Shop/Trendy
aoi mameido no kakoi Blue Mermaid Enclosure 3500 Fairy Tale
akai mameido no kakoi Red Mermaid Enclosure 3500 Fairy Tale
akai renga no kakoi Red Brick Enclosure 3500 Trendy
ikegaki Hedge 3500 Harmonious/Rustic
ougon no saki Golden Fence 0 Antique/Toy Shop/Trendy
okashi no saki Sweets Fence 3500 Fairy Tale
kyokusenteki na saki Curved Fence 3500 Harmonious/Rustic
gouka na fensu Gorgeous Fence 3500 Antique/Fairy Tale
konkurito na hei Concrete Fence 3500 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
shibui ikegaki Refined Hedge 3500 Harmonious/Rustic
shiroi saku White Fence 3500 Antique/Harmonious
shiroi burokku bei White Block Fence 3500 Trendy
take no saku Bamboo Fence 3500 Harmonious/Rustic
totan no saku Galvanized Sheet Iron Fence 3500 Quirky/Sci-Fi
haiiro no renga no kakoi Gray Brick Enclosure 3500 Antique/Quirky/Sci-Fi
pinku no saku Pink Fence 3500 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop/Trendy
pegu to ropu Peg and Rope 3500 Sci-Fi
maruta no saku Log Fence 3500 Harmonious
meruhen na kakoi Fairytale Enclosure 3500 Fairy Tale
yuushitessen Barbed Wire 3500 Harmonious/Quirky/Sci-Fi
yokoita no saku Crosscut Plank Fence 3500 Harmonious
wafuu no kakoi Japanese-style Enclosure 3500 Quirky/Rustic
aoi posuto Blue Mailbox 3600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop
akai posuto Red Mailbox 3600 Rustic/Toy Shop
ougon no posuto Golden Mailbox 0 Antique/Toy Shop
okashi no posuto Sweets Mailbox 3600 Fairy Tale
orenji no posuto Orange Mailbox 3600 Antique/Rustic
kiiroi posuto Yellow Mailbox 3600 Toy Shop
ki no posuto Wood Mailbox 3600 Antique/Harmonious/Rustic
kinzoku no posuto Metal Mailbox 3600 Antique/Quirky/Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
shikakui posuto Square Mailbox 3600 Toy Shop/Trendy
shoboi posuto Shabby Mailbox 3600 Quirky
shiroi posuto White Mailbox 3600 Antique/Harmonious/Rustic
sutenresu na posuto Stainless Mailbox 3600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
taru no posuto Barrel Mailbox 3600 Antique/Harmonious/Rustic/Toy Shop
pinku no posuto Pink Mailbox 3600 Fairy Tale/Harmonious
mameido na posuto Mermaid Mailbox 3600 Fairy Tale
mizuiro no posuto Aqua Mailbox 3600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
midori no posuto Green Mailbox 3600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop
meruhen na posuto Fairytale Mailbox 3600 Fairy Tale
rizoto na posuto Cabana Mailbox 3600 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic
roiyaru na posuto Regal Mailbox 3600 Antique/Fairy Tale
wakaba iro no posuto New Leaf Color Mailbox 3600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
wafuu na posuto Japanese-style Mailbox 3600 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic
aoi meruhen na doa Blue Fairytale Door 4000 Fairy Tale
arabu na kiiroi doa Yellow Arab Door 4000 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
shikakui arabu na doa Square Arab Door 4000 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
shikakui okashi no doa Square Sweets Door 4000 Fairy Tale
shikakui omoi doa Square Gloomy Door 4000 Antique/Quirky/Sci-Fi
shikakui karafuru na doa Square Kiddie Door 4000 Toy Shop
shikakui kinmirai no doa Square Near Future Door 4000 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
shikakui sakana mado no doa Square Fish Door 4000 Antique/Harmonious
shikakui take no doa Square Bamboo Door 4000 Harmonious/Rustic
shikakui chairo no doa Square Brown Door 4000 Antique
shikakui chuuka na doa Square Chinese Door 4000 Rustic
shikakui tetsu no doa Square Iron Door 4000 Quirky/Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
shikakui pinku no doa Square Pink Door 4000 Fairy Tale/Trendy
shikakui beju no doa Square Beige Door 4000 Antique/Trendy
shikakui boroi doa Square Worn-Out Door 4000 Quirky/Sci-Fi
shikakui mameido na doa Square Mermaid Door 4000 Fairy Tale
shikakui madotsuki no doa Square Window Door 4000 Antique/Harmonious
shikakui maru mado no doa Square Round Window Door 4000 Antique/Harmonious
shikakui meruhen na doa Square Fairytale Door 4000 Fairy Tale
shikakui rogu hausu non doa Square Cabin Door 4000 Harmonious
shikakui wafuu na doa Square Japanese-style Door 4000 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic
aoi meruhen na maru doa Blue Fairytale Round Door 4000 Fairy Tale
arabu na kiiro maru doa Yellow Arab Round Door 4000 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
arabu no midori maru doa Green Arab Round Door 4000 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
ougon no doa Golden Door 0 Harmonious/Toy Shop
okashi no maru doa Sweets Round Door 4000 Fairy Tale
omoi maru doa Gloomy Round Door 4000 Antique/Quirky/Sci-Fi
karafuru na maru doa Kiddie Round Door 4000 Toy Shop
kinmirai no maru doa Near Future Round Door 4000 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
sakana mado no maru doa Fish Round Door 4000 Antique/Harmonious
take no maru doa Bamboo Round Door 4000 Harmonious/Rustic
chairoi maru doa Brown Round Door 4000 Antique
chuuka na maru doa Chinese Round Door 4000 Rustic
tetsu no maru doa Iron Round Door 4000 Quirky/Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
pinku no maru doa Pink Round Door 4000 Fairy Tale/Trendy
beju non maru doa Beige Round Door 4000 Trendy
boroi maru doa Worn-Out Round Door 4000 Quirky/Sci-Fi
mameido na maru doa Mermaid Round Door 4000 Fairy Tale
madotsuki no maru doa Window Round Door 4000 Antique/Harmonious
marumado no maru doa Round Window Round Door 4000 Antique/Harmonious
meruhen na maru doa Fairytale Round Door 4000 Fairy Tale
rogu hausu no maru doa Cabin Round Door 4000 Harmonious
wafuu na maru doa Japanese-style Round Door 4000 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic

Door List

PartCostInterior Themes
Bamboo Round Door4000Natural, Oriental
Beige Round Door4000Stylish
Blue Fairytale Door4000Fairytale
Blue Fairytale Round Door4000Fairytale
Brown Round Door4000Antique
Cabin Round Door4000Natural
Chinese Round Door4000Oriental
Fairytale Round Door4000Fairytale
Fish Round Door4000Antique, Natural
Gloomy Round Door4000Antique, Horror, Science
Golden Door0Hobby, Natural
Green Arab Round Door4000Fairytale, Hobby
Iron Round Door4000Hobby, Horror, Science, Stylish
Japanese-style Round Door4000Horror, Natural, Oriental
Kiddie Round Door4000Hobby
Mermaid Round Door4000Fairytale
Near Future Round Door4000Hobby, Science, Stylish
Pink Round Door4000Fairytale, Stylish
Round Window Round Door4000Antique, Natural
Square Arab Door4000Fairytale, Hobby
Square Bamboo Door4000Natural, Oriental
Square Beige Door4000Antique, Stylish
Square Brown Door4000Antique
Square Cabin Door4000Natural
Square Chinese Door4000Oriental
Square Fairytale Door4000Fairytale
Square Fish Door4000Antique, Natural
Square Gloomy Door4000Antique, Horror, Science
Square Iron Door4000Hobby, Horror, Science, Stylish
Square Japanese-style Door4000Horror, Natural, Oriental
Square Kiddie Door4000Hobby
Square Mermaid Door4000Fairytale
Square Near Future Door4000Hobby, Science, Stylish
Square Pink Door4000Fairytale, Stylish
Square Round Window Door4000Antique, Natural
Square Sweets Door4000Fairytale
Square Window Door4000Antique, Natural
Square Worn-Out Door4000Horror, Science
Sweets Round Door4000Fairytale
Window Round Door4000Antique, Natural
Worn-Out Round Door4000Horror, Science
Yellow Arab Door4000Fairytale, Hobby
Yellow Arab Round Door4000Fairytale, Hobby

Fence List

PartCostInterior Themes
Bamboo Fence3500Natural, Oriental
Barbed Wire3500Horror, Natural, Science
Blue Fence3500Hobby, Stylish
Blue Mermaid Enclosure3500Fairytale
Concrete Fence3500Hobby, Science, Stylish
Crosscut Plank Fence3500Natural
Curved Fence3500Natural, Oriental
Fairytale Enclosure3500Fairytale
Galvanized Sheet Iron Fence3500Horror, Science
Golden Fence0Antique, Hobby, Stylish
Gorgeous Fence3500Antique, Fairytale
Gray Brick Enclosure3500Antique, Horror, Science
Hedge3500Natural, Oriental
Japanese-style Enclosure3500Horror, Oriental
Log Fence3500Natural
Peg and Rope3500Science
Pink Fence3500Fairytale, Hobby, Stylish
Red Brick Enclosure3500Stylish
Red Mermaid Enclosure3500Fairytale
Refined Hedge3500Natural, Oriental
Sweets Fence3500Fairytale
White Block Fence3500Stylish
White Fence3500Antique, Natural

Mailbox List

PartCostInterior Themes
Aqua Mailbox3600Hobby, Science, Stylish
Barrel Mailbox3600Antique, Hobby, Natural, Oriental
Blue Mailbox3600Hobby, Science
Cabana Mailbox3600Horror, Natural, Oriental
Fairytale Mailbox3600Fairytale
Golden Mailbox0Antique, Hobby
Green Mailbox3600Hobby, Science
Japanese-style Mailbox3600Horror, Natural, Oriental
Mermaid Mailbox3600Fairytale
Metal Mailbox3600Antique, Hobby, Horror, Science, Stylish
New Leaf Color Mailbox3600Hobby, Science, Stylish
Orange Mailbox3600Antique, Oriental
Pink Mailbox3600Fairytale, Natural
Red Mailbox3600Hobby, Oriental
Regal Mailbox3600Antique, Fairytale
Shabby Mailbox3600Horror
Square Mailbox3600Hobby, Stylish
Stainless Mailbox3600Hobby, Science, Stylish
Sweets Mailbox3600Fairytale
White Mailbox3600Antique, Natural, Oriental
Wood Mailbox3600Antique, Natural, Oriental
Yellow Mailbox3600Hobby

Outdoor pavement List

PartCostInterior Themes
Blue Brick Pavement2800none
Brick Pavement2800none
Brown Pavement2800none
Concrete Pavement2800none
Multicolored Gravel2800none
Pebble Paving2800none
Pink Pavement2800none
Rough Stone Paving2800none
Square Paving2800none

Roof List

PartCostInterior Themes
Black Modern Roof5200Science, Stylish
Black Roof5200Horror
Black Rough Roof5200Antique, Horror, Natural
Black Thatch Roof5200Horror, Natural, Oriental
Black Tile Roof5200Horror, Oriental
Blue Modern Roof5200Natural
Blue Roof5200Hobby
Blue Rough Roof5200Antique, Natural
Bright Golden Yellow Roof5200none
Brown Roof5200Oriental
Concrete Roof5200Hobby, Science, Stylish
Disorder Roof5200Antique, Horror, Oriental
Fairytale Roof5200Fairytale
Galvanized Sheet Iron Roof5200Horror, Science
Golden Roof0Antique, Hobby
Grass Roof5200Natural, Oriental
Gray Modern Roof5200Science, Stylish
Green Fairytale Roof5200Fairytale
Green Modern Roof5200Science, Stylish
Green Roof5200Hobby
Green Tile Roof5200Oriental
Kiddie Roof5200Hobby
Light Purple Roof5200Fairytale
Mermaid Roof5200Fairytale
Near Future Roof5200Hobby, Science, Stylish
Orange Thatch Roof5200Natural, Oriental
Pink Roof5200Fairytale
Purple Roof5200none
Purple Rough Roof5200Antique, Natural
Ranch Roof5200Natural
Red Roof5200Hobby, Oriental
Sweets Roof5200Fairytale
Uneven Stone Roof5200Antique, Horror, Oriental
White Roof5200none
Yellow Roof5200Hobby

Siding List

PartCostInterior Themes
Aqua Wall5600Oriental, Stylish
Arab Wall5600Fairytale, Hobby
Asian Wall5600Oriental
Black Plank Wall5600Horror, Natural, Stylish
Brick Wall5600Stylish
Brown Brick Wall5600Antique, Stylish
Cabana Wall5600Natural, Oriental
Cabin Wall5600Natural
Concrete Wall5600Science, Stylish
Earth Wall5600Antique
Fairytale Wall5600Fairytale
Flower Wall5600Fairytale
Galvanized Sheet Iron Wall5600Horror, Science
Golden Wall0Antique, Hobby, Stylish
Japanese-style Wall5600Oriental
Kiddie Wall5600Hobby
Linear Wall5600Science, Stylish
Mermaid Wall5600Fairytale
Near Future Wall5600Hobby, Science, Stylish
Orange Wall5600Oriental, Stylish
Pink Wall5600Fairytale, Stylish
Pink Wooden Frame Wall5600Fairytale
Regal Wall5600Antique, Fairytale
Rock and Earth Wall5600Horror
Rock Wall5600Antique, Horror
Stone Wall5600none
Sweets Wall5600Fairytale
Vertical Plank Wall5600Natural, Oriental
White Brick Wall5600Stylish
White Plank Wall5600Natural, Oriental
Wooden Frame Wall5600Antique, Natural
Yellow Plank Wall5600Natural, Oriental